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Report: Karl Malone denied tickets to a Utah Jazz game in 2011

  • Andy Flint

A year after Jerry Sloan’s sudden retirement from the Utah Jazz, former Jazz All-Star, Karl Malone, calls out the Jazz organization on a number of things. Including being denied tickets to attend a Jazz home game, one day after Sloan called it quits.

According to a report by Gordon Monson of the Salt Lake City Tribune. Last February Karl Malone was forced to purchase tickets to Jazz game from a scalper, after being denied complimentary seats from the Utah Jazz brass.

The Utah Jazz had already failed to back the best Head Coach in their team’s history. The story to follow would have them sending their best current player (Deron Williams) to the New Jersey Nets for little more than a big guy with upside (Derrick Favors) and an injury plagued point guard (Devin Harris).

Then they top that whole mess off by denying the best player to EVER wear a Jazz jersey, seats to support his former team, and a franchise that was in obvious, public turmoil.

Bravo! To the Jazz organization on this complete screw up. I’m glad it came back to bite them after almost a year. Karl Malone is a legend in Utah and should always be treated like he’s a part of that franchise.

Do you think the Lakers would deny Magic Johnson a seat to watch a Lakers game? I highly doubt it. How about Larry Bird? Do you think he has difficulties attending a Celtics game? Again, it’s very unlikely.

Shame on the Utah Jazz!


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14 Responses to Report: Karl Malone denied tickets to a Utah Jazz game in 2011

  • I thought the headline was a joke a t first. This is one of the dumbest decisions by a sports team I’ve heard of.

  • This is one of the reasons why I always side with the players when they negotiate their contracts or choose to leave a team to take their talents elsewhere. It’s always fine for the owners to do whatever they want, I guess that’s why they are owners & I should just shut my dumb self up because there is no such thing as loyalty!

  • OK…..lets get back to grown up land.This should never have been published without the teams response.There is no context to this whatsoever.

    My guess is that there is a protocol that a person of stature in the organization would follow to get complimentary tickets.Further,my guess would be that the protcol wasn’t followed.

    That Malone was “forced to buy from a scalper”,implies that he just showed up at the arena around game time,expecting to be catered to by the team.Otherwise,he would have bought tickets in one of the many ways that anyone else would.

    This whining and jock sniffing has no value at all.I would suggest that if Malone wants to go to a Jazz game,that he give the team the common horse sense courtesy of a phone call in advance

    • This story does have value. The Utah Jazz should have had more class. We dont need to hear the other side of the story. Utah has proven with there decisions in the front office that they are not a loyal, class act.

  • It must be tough after making millions and millions of the fans dollars to have to part with a couple of bucks to view a basketball game in person. Prehaps the NBA should force the owners to set aside 100 or so seats for every game so retired players can continue to feast on the fans. I was not aware the poor players were treated soooo badly.

  • Loyalty!!!!! Is that someting like going to a different team in your last year hoping to get a ring instead of trying it with the team that supported you and made you rich and famous for all those years????? Please…..

  • Loyalty!!!!! Is that someting like going to a different team in your last year hoping to get a ring instead of trying it with the team that supported you and made you rich and famous for all those years????? Please…..

    • Karl Malone was the rockstar of loyalty. He spent 18 seasons leading the Jazz, settling for lower contracts than those received by stiffs like Greg Ostertag. Only because he was unfortunate enough to play at the same time as Jordan did he not lead the Jazz to a couple of championships. Unlike prima donnas like Lefool James, he stuck with the franchise that drafted him for all but the final year of a great career. When he left, it was with the blessings of a rebuilding Jazz team that had lost John Stockton to retirement, and willingly allowed Karl to leave to pursue a ring with the Lakers. Unfortunately, a major knee injury at LA cost Malone and the Lakers a chance to win a title. LOYALTY – YES!!!! KP you clealy don’t know the facts!!!!

  • I am a pacers fan, the pacers would never do that to Reggie. Since the fiasco with Lebron in cleveland, I keep telling people these so called owners are as thugish as some perceived the players to be and the notion of loyalty is none existant. I always buy a ticket to see Lebron when they play with the pacers although i want the pacers to beat his team. Owners think they are above all but forget that without the players “star players”, there is no money. It is a two way street. Utah is a weird place anyway.

  • The Jazz have been questionable, at best, in handling team matters. It’s all out there. Go fact-find. It doesn’t matter that Karl went on to try and win a ring with the Lakers. I can hand you a laundry-list of GREAT player who did that same thing. Does that mean we wipe away their accomplishments prior to that? NO!

    LAMONT made great points. I’m not say that the Jazz front office is filled with evil people. I’m simply saying that they handled Jerry Sloan about as badly as a team can handle a coach, especially a coach of Sloan’s standing in the NBA. Then they turn around and not let “their Michael Jordan” have a ticket for FREE? I don’t care if Malone walzted in, unannounced, 30 seconds before tip-off… Give your most notable LEGEND a freaking seat! There are always open seats in the press area and you make exceptions for players of Malone’s caliber.

    Another great point was that Malone walked with the Jazz’s blessing. He didn’t do a show and announce that he was “taking his talents to LA”. He did all the right things in a last-ditch effort to solidify his remarkable career with a ring. Anyone who feels the Jazz are right and Malone is wrong, needs to step back and take a look at the BIG PICTURE!

  • Mr. Miller son said, “This is a lie'” and that Karl can have his front row tickets anytime. Karl has cried his whole career, even during retirement it’s still how he plays the game. Good for Karl and good for the Jazz.

  • What goes around comes around! This creep denied at least 2 of his biological kids, so I don’t blame the Utah Jazz for denying him tickets! He’s a pumk-as sorry excuse for a man !!

  • A few others have commented about this. There is no mention which game it was Karl wanted tickets to and what kind of time frame was involved with asking the Jazz for tickets. Sometimes, a sell-out is exactly that a sell-out. Last minute requests can’t always be accomodated. Also, as others have commented Karl is a multi-millionaire. Why can’t he pay for tickets?, everyone else does. It’s like all the other celebrity treatment, give them what they want for free because of who “society” thinks they are.

  • If Malone had all the class that is attributed to him here,he would have called the GM about it rather than whining and letting it become public fodder to begin with.

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