BREAKING: Mack Brown has told team and recruits he will resign

  • David Whitlock

After a crazy week of “Will he or won’t he”, followed by “Follow the Saban”, it appears Mack Brown will indeed resign his position of Head Coach at the University of Texas at Austin. This time, the source is the Longhorn Network itself, a network made possible by his accomplishments on the field (and off). According to the Longhorn Network Twitter Feed:

The resignation was reported as early as Monday by OrangeBloods Chip Brown, but as the week wore on, it seemed as if there might be doubts. It appears the Texas Longhorn Athletic Department were putting up smoke screens to allow either their Network or their timeframe to dictate the media release.

With Nick Saban out of the picture, speculation will only ramp up as to who the replacement will be. Word is the Longhorns want someone with Super Bowl or BCS Title Game success. There are only five other coaches who have won the BCS Title game and are still active (Saban, Urban Meyer, Les Miles, Bob Stoops and Larry Coker at UT San Antonio).

– David Whitlock

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– David Whitlock
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