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Report: Rob Gronkowski has torn ACL

  • Andy Flint

NFL: Miami Dolphins at New England Patriots

As the New England Patriots celebrate a close victory over the Cleveland Browns on Sunday, reports are surfacing that star tight-end, Rob Gronkowski, may have suffered a torn ACL.

Mike Garafalo of Fox Sports reported Sunday afternoon that the Patriots tight end suffered “what’s believed to be a torn ACL.”

The play in question was brutal, as T.J Ward went low on a speeding Gronk. Ward gets in on the right knee and Gronkowski immediately grabs at it in agony.

Rob Gronkowski and the New England Patriots just can’t seem to catch a break, as it looks like their best pass-catcher could miss significant time once again as a result of what is becoming a terrifying trend in the NFL. Defensive players are scared to hit offensive players high, because of penalties, fines, etc, so settling for lower hits has been resulting in far too many knee injuries this season.

Tough break for the Patriots as they look towards the post season.

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