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Rex Ryan- “If Sanchez doesn’t play better, the number’s changing”

  • Jason Whitney

During the season ending press conference on Tuesday, Rex Ryan joked about his now famous tattoo that bears Mark Sanchez’s jersey number. The tattoo, which is of an erotically posed woman in a #6 Jets jersey (Sanchez’s number) has made headlines in previous weeks and made people wonder if Rex Ryan’s bromance with his starting quarterback was a bit less than healthy. Ryan finally spoke about the tattoo on Tuesday, choosing to use humor to combat his critics.

Photo Credit: New York Daily News

Photo Credit: New York Daily News

“Is it a real tattoo or not? I’ll keep you guessing,” Ryan said. “I’ve had it for three years now. I know what you are thinking: If Sanchez doesn’t play better that number’s changing.”

Ryan claimed that he had gotten the tattoo over three years ago, and that the number was just a coincidence. He also wanted people to rest assured that the number wasn’t the focal point of the tattoo, and that it was more of a tribute to his long-time wife, Michelle.

“I’ve been married for 25 years, and through my eyes, my wife’s the most beautiful woman in the world. So that’s what it is.” Ryan told the press.

During the press conference, Rex Ryan and owner Woody Johnson were made to answer for the pitiful 6-10 season the Jets had, especially after Rex Ryan claimed that this years Jets were the best he’s ever coached. The conversation turning to the tattoo was a brief moment of humor in a season that was anything but funny for Jets fans.

Whether or not the embattled head coach was serious or not, the team has a lot more to worry about than a tattoo on Rex Ryan’s arm.

Maybe Mark Sanchez should get a tattoo where he can see it every play that says “Throw to the Guys in Green”. Maybe that’ll help him out a bit next season, which might be do or die for his NFL career. If Rex Ryan changes the number on the tattoo, could that spell the end to the bromance that everyone loves to hate? Only time will tell…

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