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Rex Ryan says don’t be surprised to see Antonio Cromartie play some wide receiver

  • Jason Whitney

Antonio Cromartie could be lining up at wide receiver for the Jets this year

There is no doubt Antonio Cromartie is amongst the cream of the crop when it comes to pure athleticism. He once ran back a 109 yard return off a missed field goal for a touchdown. Cromartie, has had his share of mistakes over the years, but Rex Ryan may be on to something if they could get the ball into the hands of the explosive Cromartie.

“You have 53 guys on your roster and 45 are active and you’re sitting back some games there has to be some crossover,” Ryan said. “Don’t be surprised if Cromartie plays some receiver, that’s something we talked about. You have to be ready for those type of things.”

It would seem very unlikely that Cromartie would have any key part in the offense, seeing that he’s also the starting cornerback, but with the lack of depth at wide receiver it seems like he could contribute a few plays a game on the offensive end. You can’t discount his big play potential either. The Jets seem to have no problem sticking players wherever needed…just ask Tim Tebow.


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