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Rex Ryan tells the Patriots, “I think we’re going to beat them”

  • Jason Whitney

Rex Ryan tells the Patriots that he thinks his Jets will beat them this Sunday

Just when it looked like the Jets had lost their swagger, a 35-9 shellacking over the Indianapolis Colts appears to be just what the Jets needed in order to regain their mojo. The New England Patriots bring out the best in Rex Ryan and his players in the trash talking department, but the Jets are 3-4 including the postseason against the Patriots during Rex Ryan’s tenure as Jets head coach.

Rex Ryan had this to say about the upcoming match-up against their heated rival.

“I want them to know, and they know that I think we’re going to beat them,” Ryan said. “I don’t buy into all that other stuff. I recognize they’re a great football team. And (Bill) Belichick’s a great coach. I never once said that he wasn’t.

“But we’re not going to back down or concede anything. They’re going to get our best shot. We know we’re going to get theirs. It really doesn’t matter who says what. We’re coming up there to take our swing. And we’ll see if we land that punch to win a game.”

The Patriots have lost three games by a combined four points this season. Some could argue the Patriots could just as easily be 6-0 as they are 3-3 this season. Rex Ryan doesn’t know if the Patriots are vulnerable because of their close losses, but knows both teams give it their best when they play against each other.

“Are they more vulnerable? I don’t know. They’ve lost three games, that’s probably more than they normally lose in a season,” Ryan said. “We need to worry about ourselves.”

“We always get their best, and they always get ours,” Ryan said. “We’ll see if our best is better than their best on that particular day. They’ve been the dominant team in our division. We’ve been second every year since I’ve been here. For us to get to where we want to get to — or anybody in our conference — they have to beat New England.”

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