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RGIII: Compare me to Aaron Rodgers, not Cam Newton

  • Santos

The only thing faster than RGIII’s legs may be his brain.
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“Experts” are known for making lazy comparisons. So, when you look at rookie sensation Robert Griffin III, and you think “who’s the last black guy that could run fast?” Cam Newton is the first guy that comes to mind, so now the two are linked together, even though they have essentially no similarities in their games, on or off the field.

Griffin isn’t satisfied with the laziness easier, and he holds himself to higher standards. He wants to be compared to guys with Super Bowl rings like Aaron Rodgers, not a second-year quarterback of one of the worst teams in the league. He had this to say when asked about the comparisons to Newton:

I’d rather be compared to an Aaron Rodgers or a guy like that,” Griffin said, via Rich Campbell of the Washington Times, “someone who has won Super Bowls.”

Couldn’t have said it better myself, and I love the mindset of RGIII.

Honestly, the best, and maybe only comparison for Griffin is probably Hall-of-Famer Steve Young. That isn’t because I am searching for a white guy to compare him with. Rather, the reasoning is that both players have the ability to run successfully, but would rather throw the ball first, and only use their legs when necessary. And no, I am not putting Griffin in Young’s category whatsoever, because he has a long way to go, but stylistically, I see a lot of Steve Young in Griffin.

I don’t think Griffin would mind the comparison either, as Young has his fair share of jewelry to show off from his football days.

By: Frank Santos- Sports-Kings Assistant Site Manager


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