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RGIII is Racking Up the Endorsements

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Typically, when the number one overall NFL draft pick is a quarterback, he gets most of the headlines in the endorsement field. This year, Robert Griffin III is changing that. As the number two player taken in the 2012 NFL draft, RGIII is racking up the early endorsements. Having already signed with Adidas, Griffin has now signed Evoshield. According to Darren Rovell of CNBC, RGIII carved the niche market out of his Adidas deal in order to sign with the sports protection company.

Evoshield makes protective gear for athletes. RGIII will be the company’s first NFL player to endorse the product. It is said that Griffin has worn the gear since his freshman days at Baylor. In the past, players have been reluctant to wear protective gear due to the bulk of the products. Often, professional athletes would not wear such protective products until after injuries have already occurred. In recent times, athletes have become much more proactive when it comes to preventing injuries, and sales of protective gear has been on a sharp rise. Evoshield feels RGIII is the perfect NFL star to endorse their product to shed the image that such gear is too bulky for performance.

Today, Evoshield is placing three protective items on its Web site, a girdle, a rib shirt and a protective arm sleeve. On July 1st, the football items will be available at Dick’s Sporting Goods, Sports Authority, and Eastbay.

While the battle on the football field has yet to begin, it appears that RGIII is winning the battle of endorsements over the number one overall pick, Andrew Luck. Of course, the performance on the field is what is most important is determining the value of a draft pick, but as of now, the Washington Redskins have got to be very happy that Griffin was left for their franchise to select. All eyes are on RGIII.

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