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RGIII raises an astronomical amount of money for the ACS in minutes

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Washington Redskins quarterback sensation Robert Griffin III’s star power has an unlimited ceiling. RGIII is a humble, intelligent, and well-spoken young man. Oh yeah, and he is lights out on the gridiron. Griffin’s appeal has never been more evident after what happened when he appeared at a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. Griffin, by himself, was able to raise $33,000 of the $60,000 tallied.

Via the Miami Herald:

The Washington Redskins quarterback made an appearance – and quite an impact – Wednesday at a luncheon for the American Cancer Society. He raised $33,000 in a matter of minutes, more than half of the $60,000 tallied during the auction portion of the fundraiser.

The crowning moment came when a man from Texas paid $15,000 for a pair of pink cleats worn by Griffin in a game last season.

“You don’t think that a pair of cleats can make that kind of difference,” Griffin said. “But I guess they were highly sought-after.”

Griffin’s popularity and star power are just getting started. I won’t be surprised if he is on LeBron James’ level relatively soon.


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