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Richie Incognito has Ferrari vandalized…by Richie Incognito

  • Jim Racalto

Man. Just when the Richie Incognito/Jonathan Martin ordeal seemed to be blowing over as we get back to football, it was reported that some hoodlum decided to take a baseball bat to Richie Incognito’s Ferrari.

In an updated report from Bleacher Report, Incognito apparently took responsibility for smashing his own car. Just when we thought things may be cooling down…

Via Bleacher Report:

Now, the Scottsdale Police Department tells us … they spoke with Richie early this morning and he admitted he took the bat to his own car.

Clearly, Incognito was pissed about something … but we don’t know what set him off.

We reached out to Richie’s people for comment—so far, no word back.

It is unknown if the NFL is going to discipline Incognito in any way, but both he and Martin are eligible to sign with another team when free agency begins March 11th.



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