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Floyd Mayweather’s Manager says ‘No fight’ tonight

  • Justin Arbogast


By now, you’ve probably heard that Floyd Mayweather threw a fit yesterday after the official weigh-ins, claiming that the gloves Marcos Maidana plans on using are not up to par for the Mayweather camp’s preference.

The gloves, Blue Everlast MX’s, custom made with horse hair were what Maidana preferred to use. After the fighters met to review gloves, the TMT camp said those were a no go as the consistency could be manipulated to provide a more solid punch.

After TMT raised the issue, the Nevada State Athletic Commission agreed and deemed the gloves illegal.

Maidana chose another pair of Everlast. This time, pre-approved stock red gloves already signed off by the Athletic Commission.

The gloves still do not meet the needs of Mayweather’s camp, and they demand that Maidana fight with the exact same gloves that Floyd will be using – a softer, less impactful ‘Grant’ glove known to protect the hand more with it’s build – something that Mayweather uses for his known history of hand injuries.

Maidana refuses to use them because they are not puncher friendly, so he compromised again, choosing a pair of Cleto Reyes gloves, a top-of-the-line punchers glove that TMT feels would give an unfair advantage.

(Photo via Reddit)

(Photo via Reddit)

With Maidana refusing to use a lesser glove, Mayweather’s camp is calling the fight off if something can’t be figured out.

“The story is that we’re not…there’s a dispute. We’re not fighting in gloves that doesn’t have any padding in them.” said Leonard Ellerbe, Floyd’s Manager via SBNation

When asked by someone what the deal with commission approved gloves are, Ellerbe answered “the commission didn’t approve the blue gloves that he tried on.” saying it was embarrassing the Maidana camp tried to use them. He then walked away and said “we not fighting tomorrow.”

The problem here is that Mayweather’s camp has no legal dispute over any of the other gloves that Maidana presented. The blue Everlast’s are now out of the question – however the red Everlast’s and the Reyes’ are already approved legal by the commission, therefor they are perfectly fine to use in the bout – but TMT has called the fight off.

As of now, Ellerbe stands his ground that there is no fight tonight. However, the $50,000,000 on the line may tempt the camp to deal with it. Or they may offer Maidana more money to change to the preferred glove.

I hope Maidana stands his ground and refuses, because should he not get to fight the way he wants with what he prefers, this will be a bogus bout.

There is also a NSFW video if the glove dispute that is not for sensitive ears. Click here to check it out.



Update: According to Golden Boy Promotions CEO Robert Schaefer he sat down with Mayweather’s advisor Al Haymon who said the fight will go on. TMT has accepted the fact that Maidana will wear the stock red Everlast gloves while Mayweather uses his standard Grant’s.

“Al assured me this is over and we’re going forward with the fight,” Schaefer said via Yahoo! Sports




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