WATCH: Adrien Broner gives $1,000 to a homeless man

  • Tad Johnson

Sometimes, someone does something that restores your faith in humanity. Here’s that moment for the day, courtesy of professional boxer Adrien Broner. Be aware that there is some strong language, but it’s definitely still worth watching.


 I wish we could see more selfless acts like this from celebrities instead of the showing off that professional athletes seem to be known for. Broner has been in the headlines more for his racially insensitive comments after his last fight. Whether or not this an attempt at fixing a scarred public image or just a moment of pure kindness, I have no idea. Either way, it was a super nice thing to do. Maybe this is a new Adrien Broner. Maybe his suspension and the backlash of his comments opened his eyes. Who knows. I hope that’s the case.
This is pretty much the opposite of the video of Broner that was released last year that showed him flushing money down the toilet (again, strong language warning in that video). As I said, I hope this is the beginning of a new Adrien Broner. He has talent in boxing and could go far if he can keep his mouth shut and show some humility. He’s young and talented, so now lets hope his ego deflates enough to help his career continue.
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