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WWE Power Rankings May 5-11th

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10 (6) Paige

STARS_265_Photo_019Paige continues to put on great matches week in and week out, but the outcomes are becoming predictable. There is only so much you can do with other divas who aren’t on her level of skill.

9 (10) RVD

SD_768_Photo_027Rob Van Dam may have a couple bad losses in his last two matches, but he continues to put on a great show even with a fairly bad eye injury.

8 (-) Sheamus

BnNc3U1IAAAQLENSheamus wins the Untied States Championship at Raw thus making his debut on our Power Rankings. Unfortunately, the US Title isn’t meaningful so we can only put him at #8. Lets see what the Celtic Warrior does with the belt.

7 (9) John Cena

SD_768_Photo_133The Wyatt Family always seems to get the upper hand on John, but through grit and his never back down attitude, Cena always looks strong earning a two spot jump on this weeks rankings.

6 (7) Cesaro

SD_768_Photo_029Cesaro beat two other men at Extreme Rules in a great match. Cesaro is wining us over at Ring-Kings and will continue to rise in the rankings as long as his character doesn’t become stale.

5 (4) Bad News Barrett

p25_5_barrettAlthough Wade may have won the title at Extreme Rules, His matches are becoming boring and predictable again. Not having a good feud may be hurting Barrett. Will someone do something with these titles?!

4 (2) Daniel Bryan

p25_4_bryanEven though Bryan keeps winning, the feud with Kane is starting to make him look weak. The rivalry is too similar to what Kane did to Zack Ryder, and the same result is happening: Bryan is dropping from grace.

3 (1) The Shield

p25_3_shieldThe Shield won the battle at Extreme Rules, Evolution is winning the war. Dean Ambrose dropped the title on Raw and Evolution gave the Hounds of Justice a beat down of a lifetime. How will Shield respond?

2 (3) Evolution

p25_2_evolutionEvolution lost at Extreme Rules, but the ball that Triple H is rolling against The Shield is masterful. Evolution is looking strong and having the COO o the company as your leader helps a ton. Will Evolution climb one higher next week and take the top spot back from…

1 (5) The Wyatt Family

SD_768_Photo_140The Wyatt Family take the top spot for the first time in the Power Ranking history. It’s clear that the Wyatts will do anything and use anyone to get their dark message out. That include corrupting the young that John Cena loves so. It’s obvious that Bray has the whole WWE Universe “In His Hands” and that includes us at Ring-Kings. Will the magic continue next week? Can Bray keep The Family on top? Check back next week to find out.


What do you think of this weeks rankings? Leave your lists in the comment section below and as always, check back next week to see where we rank your favorite WWE Superstars!

Writers/Contributors Jon Judd and Cody White
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