5 Most Recent Finishes By Dan Henderson

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Henderson finishes Babalu Sobral (credit ESPN)

Henderson finishes Babalu Sobral (credit ESPN)

Father time may be catching up to Dan Henderson. He’s 1-3 in his last four fights and at 43 years old, there may not be too many more losses left in him. One thing that hasn’t left Hendo, however, is the power in his hands. His right fist, to be specific, is still considered one of the most devastating blows in the octagon. Of his last six victories, five have come by way of knockout or referee stoppage. As he gears up to take on Daniel Cormier this Saturday in the co-main event of UFC 173, we take a look back at his five most recent finishes.

UFC 100 versus Michael “The Count” Bisping 7-11-2009

As a fan of Michael Bisping I was disappointed. As a fan of great knockouts I was in awe. The fight was brought together after the two were coaches on The Ultimate Fighter: Season 9. A lot was riding on this fight as in was announced the winner would receive a title shot against then middleweight champion, Anderson Silva. Bisping was an impressive 18-1 going into the contest, but was no match for the right hand Dan Henderson unleashed just over three minutes into the second round. He followed that blow with a vicious foreman shot to Bisping, who laid unconscious on the mat. The first one knocked The Count out. The second shut him up.

Strikeforce versus Renato Babalu Sobral 12-4-2010

Henderson left the UFC after UFC 100, signing a deal with Strikeforce. After his debut loss to Jake Shields, he looked to rebound against Renato Sobral at Strikeforce: St. Louis. The first minute of the fight saw the two combatants feeling each other out with Babalu using kicks, both high and low to keep his opponent at a safe distance. Henderson closed the gap, rattling Sobral who ended up on his back after a failed single leg take down attempt. Sensing blood in the water, Hendo threw a series of punches, and once he was able to stand and deliver a right hand with little resistance, it was all over.

Strikeforce versus Rafael “Feijao” Cavalcante 3-5-2011

Next, Henderson moved onto Rafael Cavalcante and a shot at the Stikeforce light heavyweight championship. With the bout scored even going into the third round, the fighters circled each other setting a slower pace to start. That was until Henderson grazed Feijao with a straight right hand that at first glanced look to just push Cavalcante to the mat. Hendo mounted the back and finished him off with ground and pound winning his third title belt, this one at the age of 40.

Strikeforce versus Fedor Emelianenko 7-30-2011

The Fedor legend had been waning going into this bout. He was coming off of two straight losses and this fight against Henderson looked to be his last shot at redemption. After touching gloves in the center of the octagon, the action started immediately with both fighters trading blows in front of the hot Chicago crowd. The match only slowed down with a clinch against the cage. After Henderson released, Fedor pushed forward with a series of punches knocking him to the ground. Hendo was able to sweep behind “The Last Emperor” and delivered a right uppercut that caught his adversary clean, stopping the fight in the very first round.

UFC Fight Night versus Mauricio Shogun Rua 3-23-2014

A return to UFC began with a unanimous decision over Mauricio Shogun Rua at UFC 139, which some consider the fight of the year. After three consecutive losses at the hands of Lyota Machida, Rashad Evans, and Vitor Belfort, the two met again during the Main Event of the March 23rd UFC Fight Night. The rematch lived up to the hype, with Shogun rocking Hendo with several hard shots. However, his inability to finish Henderson would come back to haunt him in the third round. Hendo circled Rua out of a clinch and right into that devastating right hook. Henderson pounced on the downed Shogun leading the referee to stop the fight 1:31 into the final round.

Do you have a favorite Dan Henderson knockout? Let us know in the comments below.

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