Anderson Silva Spars After Breaking Leg

  • Mark Wright

Anderson Silva has been cleared to resume training after breaking his leg in the main event of UFC 168 last December. The injury occurred when his opponent, Chris Weidman, checked a leg kick from the Spider, causing one of the most horrific leg injuries in the octagon and a TKO stoppage. Silva, 37, says he is already going full speed in his training while planning on returning to MMA, likely sometime next year.

It’s been reported that a future fight between Silva (33-6, 16-2 UFC) and former Strikeforce welterweight champion Nick Diaz (26-9, 7-6 UFC) could be in our future, as both veteran fighters have expressed interest in fighting each other over recent months. UFC President Dana White has gone as far as to say if both fighters are able and willing; the fight will definitely become a reality. “If Anderson wants to fight Nick, and Nick wants to fight Anderson, why would I say no?”

Anderson Silva has a long way to go before being ready to step back into the octagon, but there is no denying that his road to recovery has been remarkable. Silva posted a video of himself sparring for the first time over the weekend, and looks to be in phenomenal shape.

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