Jamie Varner Breaks Ankle, Continues to Fight

  • Jason Schmitt

UFC fighter, Jamie Varner, Tweeted at 2:00 AM Eastern time that he has two fractured bones and multiple torn ligaments in his left ankle. This is ordinarily not special news until you realized that it occurred while millions of viewers watched him do it inside the Octagon while fighting James Knauss. You can see when he broke it by clicking HERE.

Although Varner went down when the injury first occurred, he managed to bounce right back up and continued to fight for the rest of the first five minute round…on a broken ankle!

He seemed noticeably slowed by the injury but refused to quit, he is tough as nails was the sentiment of the commentary provided by UFC President Dana White during his post UFC 173 press conference. White was questioned about why the fight was not stopped immediately.

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