Paul Heyman’s retribution on the WWE

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So most of the younger generation of WWE fans do not know Paul Heyman for anything more than being a manager in the WWE. It goes back way deeper than that. Paul used to run a promotion called ECW out of Philadelphia PA back in the 1990’s and early 2000’s. As us older generation fans remember he was the ultimate anti-WWE guy. Making pokes at Vince McMahon , directly calling out the WWE as being soft and not for “real” wrestling fans. ECW flourished in the late 90’s but just did not have a pocket deep enough to compete with the WWE and WCW at the time. Eventually Paul had to sell to Vince just as almost every other promotion has had to. Here’s the catch, Paul just may have had the best week any manager has ever had in the history of wrestling and all while working for his ex-rival the WWE.

As most of you know Brock Lesnar is a Paul Heyman guy, excuse me beast, and he recently beat the Undertaker at Wrestlemania 30, breaking the Takers streak and shocking us all.

That alone is a huge accomplishment for Paul. To be the mouth piece for the guy to beat the streak is going to go down in history. As a guy who competed against the WWE it must have felt good to manage the guy who snapped something that has been going on since Paul owned ECW. I can’t even imagine the amount of pride he had to swallow to get to where he is now. Thats not all though.

The following Monday night on raw Cesaro announced that he was no longer a Zeb Colture guy and was changing to being a Paul Heyman guy. Honestly not that big of a deal. Cesaro is an up and comer and Paul does it best, but here’s the kicker on that. Paul’s other client Brock Lesnar is a heel and Cesaro is a face. How does that affect anything you ask?

Simply put, Paul is now a bad guy when he is with Brock and a good guy when with Cesaro. They are not many, actually I can not think of one, manager that could pull this off  besides Paul. The guys is a genius on the microphone. He has cut some of the greatest promos in the history of wrestling and I’m even talking about the promo’s he would cut for ECW.  He can handle this difficult task and will without even missing a beat. Brock comes out he gets treated as a heel and acts the part, Cesaro comes out he gets cheered and everyone loves him. It’s going to make for some awesome television

So how is this retribution on the WWE? First of all, to be an ex owner of a promotion your new boss bought out has to be hard. The very guy you tried to destroy is now signing your checks. That takes a big man to be able to do that. Paul did it, and stuck it out through the good and bad and now is probably going to be known as a top 5 manager of all time. What better way to get back at someone then by working so hard that you go to the top of the new company you work for. It makes me think that ECW, if it had the big wallet, could have actually beaten the WWE and been the last promotion standing.

Paul is a mastermind and I now believe that ever single thing he does is part of a way bigger plan. I’m extremely excited to see the next few months and how he handles the pressure but i have no doubt that he hasn’t even reached his full potential yet and will continue to crawl and claw his way till he is known as the greatest manager in the history of wrestling.


What do you think of Paul Heyman and his not by the books antics to get him to where he is now? Let me know by hitting me up on twitter @dubulator30

Ring King Contributor and Paul Heyman BEAST Cody White

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