WWE Superstar Wants To Make A Comeback After Career Ending Injury

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Santino Marella talks about a comeback in a new interview with Chill, and describes his injury that sidelined him, and what it might take for an in-ring return. Santino said he has stenosis of the neck, which is an abnormal narrowing of the spinal canal, and it developed into arthritis. He had some treatments to correct it, but now he is looking into a double fusion surgery that will fix the injury.

Santino said he could return to the ring after four to six months of recovery, which is something he is looking into.

I’m looking forward to getting my surgery within a month and then I will have a four- to six-month recovery in which I will actually attempt to come back in the ring and wrestle again and make one of the greatest, most memorable comebacks of all time.

While Santino did announce his retirement earlier this year, he is looking at a comeback and says he has one more ‘miracle’ left to complete:

I want to come back because of some unfinished business. I believe being the Milan Miracle I have one miracle left. There’s one belt that I haven’t captured—the WWE Championship—and it’s going to require that miracle to do it. On the right day at the right time I can definitely experience capturing that championship. There’s still some good wrestling left in this guy, so that’s what we’re going to try to do.

What do you think? Santino was always fun. Would you like to see him make a comeback? If so, should he still be a goofy character or should WWE change his gimmick? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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