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Robert Griffin III teammates trash him after team announces new starting QB

  • Jason Whitney


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With quarterback Kirk Cousins being named the starting signal caller, many are questioning the future of Robert Griffin III with the Washington Redskins. Apparently the “many” questioning his future aren’t his teammates, but they appear to have moved on rather quickly from RGIII.

According to TMZ, many teammates were thrilled with the decision. In fact, one “anonymous” teammate even made a bold proclamation for this Washington team…

“Now we can start winning games.”

One player told us, “We’re relieved. This is good for the team.” 

Another player was more blunt … saying, “We have a better chance of winning with [Kirk Cousins] than Robert Griffin. Sometimes teams need a change and we obviously did.”

Even the defense is excited — with one starter saying, “The team is excited with the change. We are all looking forward to Kirk leading us this season”

The source is anybody’s guess, but these quotes look incredibly generic. Did an intern write this “news” up for TMZ? It’s very interesting that the author of this article is titled, “TMZ Staff.”

Yeah, I wouldn’t put much stock into this either.


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