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Roger Goodell is fearful of a death on the field

  • Jim Racalto

Since taking office as NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell has put quite the emphasis on player safety. Some have called this hypocritical because Goodell was pushing for an 18 game season. But whether or not his player safety campaign is a money-driven agenda or actually sincere, it doesn’t matter in light of his recent comments. Goodell recently told a friend that he fears a player will die on the field.


Roger Goodell fears a violent collision could kill a player on the field

Via Pro Football Talk:

He’s terrified of it,” an unnamed Hall of Fame player who speaks regularly with Goodell said. “It wouldn’t just be a tragedy. It would be awfully bad for business.”

This puts me on the fence about Goodell. I have always been an outspoken critic of him since he made the Steelers the poster boys for his player safety campaign. He hasn’t enforced the rules and fines fairly all across the board. You have to think his heart is in the right place though, even if it doesn’t seem like it sometimes. A death on the field would be an awful tragedy to the game we love, so hopefully his reforms are en route to preventing such a thing in the future.


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