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Roger Goodell to give Ray Lewis a job

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Following his retirement, could Ray Lewis have a role in the NFL league offices next season? (Credit: AP Photo)

Following his retirement, could Ray Lewis have a role in the NFL league offices next season? (Credit: AP Photo)

With Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis announcing his retirement earlier this week, many have questioned what is in store for his future. Lewis was reportedly close to signing a multiyear deal to work as an analyst for ESPN. Others have suggested that Lewis will be spending his time giving inspirational speeches. Today, a new job may have opened for Ray Lewis.

Roger Goodell said yesterday, he would like Ray Lewis to be adviser to the commissioner.

From the sounds of it, Lewis would play a voice of reason role and may even talk to players about the commissioner’s decisions regarding fines.

That might be an interesting role for Lewis, who has always been known as louder, inspirational player who gets the team fired up. I can only imagine the conversations that might happen between Lewis and a player in trouble with the NFL.

While interviewing with the Baltimore Sun, Goodell said he has often consulted with Lewis on league issues in the past.

“He’s a tremendous voice of reason,” Goodell said. “He’s someone that has a unique pulse of the players and that’s helpful to me. That perspective is important to hear, and he would always share that with me whether he called or I called him. … He means a great deal to this commissioner, and I could tell you that I will always seek out his input. He will stay involved, I’m certain of it, in football and that perspective that he has is something I’ll reach out for on a regular basis.”

Goodell also cited Lewis as an example of a physical player who is “fundamentally sound, using the right techniques … that are safe for you and safer for the opponent,” and he said Lewis is an example of a player who got into serious trouble off the field, rehabbed his image and has been squeaky clean since.

At the moment, it looks as though Lewis has plenty of options in his future for life after football.

It makes sense for one of the best and most popular players to ever play the linebacker position.

If you were Ray Lewis, would job would you take?

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