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Rudy Fernandez leaves NBA, signs deal with Real Madrid

  • Jason Whitney

Rudy Fernandez is returning to Spain to play for Real Madrid(Image:

The legend of Rudy Fernandez never took off, playing a grand total of four years in the NBA. Fernandez came in with a lot of hype but could never really get anything going. He often complained about his playing time, and wasn’t very fond of living in the United States.

Fernandez signed a three-year deal to play with Real Madrid. With high expectations, Fernandez only averaged a touch over nine points per game. Last year he played for the Denver Nuggets.

According to the SportingNews:

Rudy Fernandez, after four years in the NBA, is returning to Real Madrid, the team in his native Spain for which he played during the lockout. Fernandez, 27, inked a three-year deal with Real Madrid.

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