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Ryan Lochte and Prince Harry Swim Drunk In Jeans

  • Jim Racalto

Let’s be real here. Anyone reading this has probably had a drunken night where they did something crazy, promised to be someone’s best friend for life, and probably didn’t remember it either. As it turns out, Great Britain’s Golden Boy Prince Harry and Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte are not immune to such incidents, as they decided to swim drunk in jeans.

Monday morning in Las Vegas, the two were partying at what can only be described as a “swimming pool night club”, when they decided to go for a swim. Hell, who needs clothes? They hopped right in fully dressed, hopefully removed their IPhones from the pockets first, and dueled it out. Lochte, who apparently didn’t realize it was a joke, took the race dead serious and smoked Prince Harry. Ah, the joys of being a Prince and Olympic royalty.

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