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Seahawks’ Red Bryant comments on mysterious death of Alfred Wright

  • Jim Racalto
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Alfred Wright’s disappearance has rocked Jasper, Texas. (

Joseph “Red” Bryant, who is from Jasper, Texas, should be celebrating his recent Super Bowl victory as a member of the Seattle Seahawks. Instead, he is lamenting about a tragedy that recently struck close to home. His close friend, 28 year-old Alfred Wright, went missing in November and his body was found at a later time, under the most unexplained and mysterious of circumstances.

Read full story on Alfred Wright here.

There is now a $30,000 reward out for any relevant information on the case. In a nutshell, Wright was found with numerous drugs in his system, although all of his friends and family maintain the father of three, who loved his job as a physical therapist, never touched a drug in his life.

Red Bryant spoke about this aspect of the case:

Wright’s family says they never saw him take drugs. And his close childhood friend and confidant Seattle Seahawk defensive-end Joseph “Red” Bryant says the two men were close enough that, “If he was doing those kinds of drugs, I would have known.”

Bryant, whose team just won the Super Bowl, describes Wright as deeply devoted and religious, someone who always “thought outside the box.”

Something doesn’t add up about this situation. Hopefully details emerge and the truth comes out, so that Wright’s family and Red Bryant can begin the healing process. Our thoughts and condolences go out to them at this difficult time.

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