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Sean Payton delivers an inspiring speech to North Texas

  • Jason Whitney

Sean Payton gives North Texas an inspiring speech before they play the heavily favored LSU Tigers

Sean Payton delivered an inspiring speech to the North Texas football team just 9 days shy of their matchup with powerhouse LSU. Albeit heavy underdogs, Payton has a panache about him that players respond too. In his first appearance in front of a football team in three months, Payton talked about challenges that faced his Saints team that won the Super Bowl and compared it to North Texas matchup against LSU.

“You’re a week away from playing and no one in Louisiana gives you a chance in that game,” Payton said. “And really no one gave (the Saints) a chance in that Super Bowl. You can go through the history of sport, that’s why you play it.”

Check out the rest of the speech Payton delivers:

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