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Sheriff trying to prevent Aaron Hernandez from getting married

  • Arun Morace
Hernandez Jenkins

A marriage between accused murderer Aaron Hernandez and his girlfriend, Shayanna Jenkins, could cause trouble in court for the prosecution. Image Credit:

The American legal system has this fun little feature called “spousal privilege”, meaning that a husband cannot testify in court against his wife, or vice versa, even about things that happened before their marriage.

Which, of course, brings us now to the Aaron Hernandez saga. Hernandez’ girlfriend, Shayanna Jenkins, had been cooperating with police in their murder investigation of him, until apparently being asked to stop by the disgraced former tight end. Now, a Bristol County sheriff is trying to prevent any chance of Hernandez-Jenkins nuptials, in order to avoid the possible invoking of spousal privilege in the event that Jenkins is asked to testify in court against Hernandez.

Whether or not Jenkins wants to marry an accused murderer is another story, but a marriage and the legal ramifications that would come along with it is a legitimate concern for the Bristol County Sheriff’s Department, seeing as how Hernandez and Jenkins have been engaged since November 2012.

Jenkins’ sister, Shaneah, was the girlfriend of Odin Lloyd, the man Hernandez is accused of killing.

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