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Should we merge with County?

  • Jason Whitney

The thought of the to clubs in our fair city merging is enough to send a cold shiver through the spines of both sets of fans. But if we can just stop and think it through for a moment, a merger may make a lot of sense and allow us to punch above our weight.

In the list of built-up areas in England and Wales, Nottingham comes in at number eight. And when you think of the seven areas above s in the population league table – two are notable by their lack of clubs, namely West Yorkshire and Tyneside. And that’s because each area is home to only one major club. OK, in Leeds’ case, the population figures include Bradford, but Leeds is, in and of itself, a major conurbation and it has only one team.

Now Leeds may not be considered a shining example, exactly, given the latest decade in that club’s history, but these problems have been caused by a specific set of financial circumstances which make the situation rather anomalous.

Newcastle, on the other hand, are a big club by any measure mainly because there is no second club any closer than Sunderland to water things down.

So our city and others like it (including Sheffield, Bristol and maybe even Liverpool) could most definitely rank more highly in the overall scheme of things football-wise if the teams and, more to the point the supporters, could become “united” (a term which would logically give the new club its name).

Maybe it won’t happen for many years, but with the way football has been moving – we have to merge if we’re to compete with the big guns again as, these days, it really is all about money whether the diehards like it or not.

Otherwise, Forest will have to win the lottery or land the biggest gamble in our history – and here’s the live blackjack guide if we all feel like chipping in and chancing everything on the cards! But for my money, we’d be better advised to chance everything on black & white and red!

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