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Skip Bayless caught in massive contradiction regarding Blake Bortles

  • Jim Racalto


In May’s NFL Draft, polarizing ESPN personality Skip Bayless ripped the Jacksonville Jaguars for selecting quarterback Blake Bortles 3rd overall.

He tweeted:

Worst pick so far: Blake Bortles 3 to Jacksonville. That’s why they’re the Jags. @RealSkipBayless.

Anyone who knows how passionate Skip is about his “opinions” knows that he isn’t one to backtrack, especially only a few months after making one of his crazy proclamations. I mean, Skip still thinks Tim Tebow would immediately be in the Super Bowl if a team would just give the poor guy a shot.

But in his defense, Skip is usually more interested in shock value than actual analysis, because any above-average NFL mind could have told you that Bortles was the most NFL-ready QB in the draft, and he is proving it now after two fantastic preseason games.

Now, Skip seems to have done a complete 180 and hopped on the Bortles bandwagon, tweeting:

Liking a lot I’m seeing from Jags, Bortles. They should just go ahead and start him. He’ll be fine and they’ll be better. @RealSkipBayless.

Normal Skip would have found any reason to criticize Bortles in an effort to defend his initial take on the pick, but maybe he’s onto something here. The rest of the sports world is echoing the sentiment that Bortles should, and probably will, start right away for Jacksonville.

Either way, I hope Skip’s colleagues make him suffer in a moment of utter contradiction and hypocrisy, because if it were the other way around, Skip would never let them hear the end of it.



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