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Snoop Dog calls out rapper for $500 after Raiders/Steelers game

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Snoop Dog has made a more money than he knows what to do with during his illustrious music career that’s also included several appearances in movies. Who knows what other business ventures Snoop has going on, but the point is, the D-O double G won’t have to worry about paying the rent anytime soon…

Or will he?

Snoop apparently made a bet with Mac Shawn 100 that his beloved Pittsburgh Steelers would beat the Oakland Raiders. The game took over four hours and ended with a thrilling 38-35 victory for the Steelers in what was definitely one of the most exciting games of the year.

In the video below (H/T TMZ), Snoop lays out the parameters for the bet and then later in the video talks a little trash following the victory in which he calls out Steelers Nation as well for needing to pay up!


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