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This year’s Sports-Kings’ panel consisted of four writers from the S-K Network that would make the selections for our annual seasonal sports bets. The panel featured NBA guru’s Jason Whitney and Frank Santos. We brought in our football site manager and core member of S-K, Justin Arbogast. Lastly we had to have a fun personality to round out the foursome so we had our list maestro, LeRoy McConnell join us. Be sure to check out NBA Betting at Top Bet (click here for more information)

Sports-Kings future bets are brought to you by:  TopBet

This was our second official futures bet meeting of the minds. Our football bets are looking pretty solid as we need Robert Griffin III to win Rookie of the Year, and the Chicago Bears to make it to the NFC Championship game. So you can say we are pretty solid in our picks!

After a few hours of debating and some hilarious banter we settled on two futures bets. We decided we’d take a long shot on the Utah Jazz to win their division, and the Celtics to win the NBA Championship.

Utah $50 to win $1,000

Celtics $50 to win $700

So, there you have it! We will be diving into running diaries and expanding as we continue to grow. Please leave feedback on whether you think the odds are good enough to make these two bets!

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