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Stephen A. Smith says Melo will leave the Knicks this summer; Anthony fires back

  • Jason Whitney

Could Carmelo Anthony leave the Knicks next summer?

The endless drama that has become the New York Knicks took another hit yesterday when Stephen A. Smith said on his ESPN New York radio show that Carmelo Anthony will bolt from the Knicks next summer. This isn’t the first time Smith has made these claims and it probably won’t be the last time either. Of course this is all hidden behind “sources” but Smith seems certain that Melo will bolt this summer. Here is the transcribed version of what was said yesterday.

Via Dime Magazine:

“Carmelo Anthony is gone. Ain’t no way in hell he’s staying here [in New York]. I’m hearing he’s out. Gone. Unless the money disappears elsewhere — because he definitely wants to get paid — he’s not trying to stay here [in New York] for this. So if you’re [Knicks GM] Steve Mills, and you’re the Knicks brain-trust, you have to do something to resurrect this stuff.

Now [Melo’s agency] CAA, will give the impression they can influence ‘Melo’s decision. Let me assure America one thing; let me assure New York of one thing: CAA does not run Carmelo Anthony. Carmelo Anthony is his own man and Carmelo Anthony is going to make his own decision. If there’s any way Carmelo Anthony is gone, it will be his decision, not CAA. Carmelo Anthony is making this call. Now I want to emphasize, what I’m saying to you right now, is the NFL — NBA Insider talking. I’m not mincing words. I’m telling you what I’m being told. We can debate what it means until the cow’s come home as to what we think about it. But I am telling you what I have been told, in the last 24 hours: Carmelo ain’t trying to stay for this.”

This of course led to Carmelo saying the reports are untrue while questioning who Stephen A. Smith’s sources are. The good ol’ “anonymous sources” again save the day for Stephen A. Smith. In Smith’s defense however, many credentialed sports writers hide behind “sources” with the intentions of manufacturing a story.

 Melo shot down premise he’s already decided to leave NY. Said he’s not sure who Stephen A.’s sources are, but it didn’t come from him.

— Rod Boone (@rodboone) December 5, 2013



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