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Stephen Curry says he is a better offensive player than LeBron James

  • Jason Whitney

Stephen Curry said that he is a better offensive player than LeBron James

Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry made some bold statements today on the Dan Patrick Show during a call-in. Curry is one of the best players in the NBA and can certainly fill it up offensively, but when asked by host Dan Patrick who was the better offensive player and scorer LeBron James or himself, Curry made what some might think as a bold response.

Dan Patrick:“Who’s a better offensive player, you or LeBron.”

Stephen Curry: “Who’s a better offensive player me or LeBron? That’s the first time I’ve ever been asked that question. Me … got to be, right?” 

Dan Patrick: “Well I don’t know, I would assume you would think…you’re a pure shooter. He can score, you can too, but I think the correct answer is that LeBron is the better scorer, but I think you’re the better shooter. How’s that?”

Then Patrick asked Curry who could score the most point in a game. Curry offered up a much more diplomatic response.

“I’d like to say my shot would help me in that situation, that if I get a double team that hopefully I can shoot from farther out.”

Check it out: (4:10 mark)

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