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Stevie Johnson: Bounties are ‘stupid, ridiculous’

  • Andy Flint

Stevie Johnson, the often charismatic, wide receiver, who  recently signed a 5-year deal with the Buffalo Bills, dropped by The Jim Rome Show on Monday to discuss his new deal and talk football.

When Jim Rome asked Stevie what he thought about the recent “bounties” scandal. The back-to-back 1,000 yard WR had this to say.

 “stupid” and “ridiculous, and I think it goes against what NFL players work for in the first place.” 

Stevie followed that by saying- “I think it’s stupid, I don’t understand why other players do that or even participate in something like that. We got in this league through blood, sweat and tears. We grinded our way to get in the position we’re in and then you put out a bounty or a hit on somebody to injure them? I don’t like it at all and I kind of get frustrated by it.”

I’m sure the majority of  players share the same stance as Stevie. In a day in age where NFL rules are swayed more in the direction of protecting players from long-term problems due to football injuries, a bounty system really seems to shake the foundation of what players, owners and league officials are working towards.


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2 Responses to Stevie Johnson: Bounties are ‘stupid, ridiculous’

  • Glad to see that he’s level headed and he obviously cares about the integrity of the game. I would like to hear more players come out and speak against the bounty system like he did.

  • Completely agree. Although he’s received some negative media attention for his celebrations, Stevie is definitely a team player, loyal guy, and has a good head on his shoulders which is shown by his disgusted reaction to bounties. He made such good points, everyone worked their tails off to get to the NFL, intentionally paying players to injure others is just terrible.

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