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Alex Rodriguez skips out on rehab game

A-Rod reportedly skipped out on a rehab game. (AP Photo)

A-Rod reportedly skipped out on a rehab game. (AP Photo)

Alex Rodriguez is currently on a 20-game rehab assignment from the Yankees. But apparently, that’s not cool with A-Rod. He skipped out on a rehab game yesterday with the Tampa Yankees (New York’s Single-A affiliate)- probably not the best decision for a guy who needs to keep as nose as clean as possible while he’s being investigated as part of Major League Baseball’s look into performance-enhancing drug company Biogenesis, and their possible ties to players  like Rodriguez.

It ended up not mattering that much in the short term, as the game was postponed by rain, but that didn’t stop A-Rod’s decision from reportedly “infuriating” Yankees officials, as per the New York Post.

Given that a long-term suspension might be in the works for Rodriguez, he might want to re-think skipping out on any more future games, Single-A or not. If the MLB gets enough evidence on A-Rod, it could be a long time before he sees the diamond again.

Top 10 Stylish Pro Athletes

In every major professional sport, there are guys who, off the field, stand out due to their unique sense of style. Hey, I guess if I were making that much money, I’d have options and be stylish too. Anyway, let’s take a look at the Top 10 guys in sports today who the ladies pay to see, and we wish we could be:



10. Floyd Mayweather, Jr. (Boxing)

Floyd is not only 42-0 in his career in the ring, but is allowed to wear an insane amount of jewelry and a pair of expensive shades to make any outfit look pretty sweet.


9. Evan Longoria (MLB)

Longoria epitomizes a person who can mix casual with formal, and pull it off with ease. That fedora is the man.


8. Stevie Johnson (NFL)

SJ13 may be one of the more uniquely styled athletes out there, with his skinny jeans, crazy hats, and colorful outfits. His haircuts and tats are probably the coolest thing about this guy, they’re a style in their own right.


7. Alex Rodriguez (MLB)

 A-Rod couldn’t hit sand if he fell off a camel in the post-season this year and he is obviously metro. Those facts do not undermine his ability to dress well.


6. David Beckham (Soccer)

Beckham was pretty good at soccer once upon a time. It became a problem when men started getting crushes on him, and his celebrity became more important than his sport, a la Matt Leinart.


5. Tom Brady (NFL)

Tommy Boy was a shoe-in for this list before I even started it. Take away his Uggs and overall feminine feel, and he dresses pretty sharp. I’m surprised girls don’t throw their undergarments at him on the field.


4. Reggie Bush (NFL)

Right now, Bush is having a career year running the ball in Miami. Before that, his sense of style was more worth talking about than his disappointing production on the gridiron. I heard he’s sexting Kim Kardashian again.


3. Cole Hamels (MLB)

Before seeing how Hamels dressed, I thought of him as sort of one of those bad-ass Rick Vaughn style guys. How wrong I was in that aspect, but the guy is still an ace.


2. Dwight Howard (NBA)

Dwight Howard is the most dominant big man in the NBA. He is quite the unique dude off the hardwood, not only does he share the “Superman” nickname with Shaq, they have similar senses of style.


1. Dwyane Wade (NBA)

Big Daddy GQ himself, D-Wade has long been thought of as the smoothest character in pro sports. No surprise that he tops this list, as nobody has been able to take the style title from #3.








Top 5: Best Players in Baseball

Over the past decade it was pretty easy to say either Albert Pujols or Alex Rodriguez were the best players in baseball. But, as we approach another era in baseball history there is a change in the elitists of the game. Pujols put up a 9.0 and 7.5 WAR in 2010 and 2011, respectively. However, he dropped off to 5.1 last season. Which is still great production, but there’s a regression pattern in his numbers. Do the math, he’s basically dropped 4.0 WAR in two seasons. Now that he’s on the Angels, Pujols hasn’t helped out the team very much. In fact, he’s hurt them. He has a -0.2 WAR in 35 plate appearances (8 games.) It’s small sample size, and I wouldn’t expect him to stay around there all year. He’s Albert Pujols. He’s going to produce big numbers, but it’s his time to pass the baton to the young guys.

*All stats are from the 2010-Present Continue reading

A-Rod starstruck by John Cena

Dating a former WWE Diva sure has it’s perks. As Alex Rodriguez found out when he attended WrestleMania 28 with his girlfriend, Torrie Wilson.

Cena dropped in before his match against The Rock and A-Rod’s eyes lit up like a kid in a candy store. It was very clear that the Yankees slugger is a huge John Cena fan.

John Cena, the Massachusetts native, wanted Rodriguez to pass along a special message for teammate and Yankees captain, Derek Jeter. He wanted him to know that he’d be wearing Jeter’s sneakers for his match against the Rock.

Hopefully Red Sox nation forgives their native son.

“Prince” Albert Pujols vs. Alex “A-Rod” Rodriguez

With the 2012 baseball season knocking on the door it’s time to get into an MLB frame of mind. We are going to compare and contrast two of the most notable players to take the field in today’s game. With age creeping up on both men, we are going to take a look at the first eleven years of each player’s prolific career.  One player’s stock is rising and the other, well, his production speaks for itself. A clash of power hitter vs. power hitter, let’s take a look at New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez vs. new Los Angeles Angel Albert Pujols.


Once upon a time, long ago, before Rodriguez was chasing every blonde in Hollywierd and dabbling in the performance enhancing world, he was breaking into the league as the 1st overall pick in the amateur draft by the Seattle Mariners. Rodriguez landed the everyday shortstop role in 1996 at age 20. In only his 3rd year in MLB A-Rod smashed 36 home runs and 215 hits. As 1996’s MLB Play of the Year, Alex Rodriguez became a household name and entered in a new era of young power hitters in baseball. A-Rod recorded 381 jacks in his first 11 years, of which the first two he recorded only 5, total. Continue reading

Top 5 Current Hitting Duos in Baseball

Writer:  JOE F.

Free agency can potentially ruined a couple of these duo’s, but for now I’ll use last years lineups to get into this. There are many nice duos in the meat of the order for teams. These teams usually lead the league in home runs and RBI’s because the middle of the order is producing with runners on. These guys are going to get the job done in the middle of the order. Top 5 current hitting duos in baseball.

5. Robinson Cano – Alex Rodriguez

Cano is in the middle of him prime. He’s a powerful hitter with a sweet swing. In the past three years Cano has been on the edge of getting 30 home runs in a season. Cano is apart of the new breed of powerful second basemen. The thing is he’s probably the best hitting second basemen in the game. As for Alex Rodriguez he’s on his last leg if he gets hurt again. With a giant contract still intact for about five more seasons Alex still have two good years left in him. When he’s not hurting Alex can still be as dangerous as he was in his early days. Maybe not home run wise, but earlier in the 2011 season Rodriguez was hitting a bunch of line drives into the gaps for doubles. For the first three months his LD% was around 16%, but then the injury hit and it went down to 4%. This is the 3-4 combo the Yankees used in the post-season and I expect to see more of it now that Cano is the lineup’s best hitter.

4. Adrian Gonzalez – Kevin Youkilis

Despite missing the playoffs these two had excellent years. Even with the Youkilis injury this was one of the better hitting duo’s in baseball. Gonzalez had a great first couple months of the season, but like most of the Red Sox slowed down in September. That’s okay though. He’s still one of the elite hitters in baseball and is the most complete first basemen in the game. He can hit for average, power, and he can field. He won the gold glove in the American League this year beating out Teixeira. His average raised .40 points in Boston going from a .298 to a .338. Injuries has been hurting Youkilis over the past few years, but he still puts up great numbers. He has great power and with the position change is one of the best hitting third basemen in the game.

3. Ryan Braun – Prince Fielder

Braun has hit 30 home runs in five of his four seasons. He’s one of the best young hitters in the game and put him next to Prince Fielder and you have a scary 3-4 combination. Fielder is likely to leave the Brewers during this winter. This would definitely put a hurting on Braun and Fielder moving up on this list. Which we all know that is their reason to work so hard in the off-season right?

2. Miguel Cabrera – Victor Martinez

Martinez provided a ton of protection for Miguel Cabrera this past season. Miggy and V-Mart led the Tigers to the ALCS series and they just fell up short vs. the Texas Rangers. In his four seasons as a Tiger, Cabrera has hit at least 30 home runs in each of those season. A tough feat being in Comerica Park. One of the biggest baseball fields in the game. His power is incredible and to do it year in and year out in such a big ballpark makes it even more amazing. Imagine him playing in Yankee Stadium? Plus hitting home runs isn’t all he does. Cabrera batted .344 last year. As for Martinez he helped Cabrera have such a great year. Opposing teams didn’t want to get behind to Miguel and have Martinez up with a runner on base so better pitches were made to Cabrera.

1. Albert Pujols – Matt Holliday

The Pujols and Holliday duo is the best in the game. I expect Albert Pujols to be back in a Cardinals uniform next season. Pujols is the greatest hitter of this generation. He automatically can pull along anyone to make a solid combination on this list. Yet he still has some good help from Matt Holliday who will hit 28-30 home runs if he plays a full season without injury. They combined for 59 home runs in 2011 and they both helped the Cardinals win their 11th World Series in franchise history. This is the best hitting duo in baseball.

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