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Dwight Howard’s Ice Bucket Challenge takes three people to pour

Dwight Howard may not have done the funniest or most clever Ice Bucket Challenge, but he certainly had one of the biggest buckets. In fact, the bucket was so big, it took three people to lift it up and pour on the Houston Rockets center. In addition to taking the Challenge, Howard is donating $5 to ALS for every video that is posted within the next 24 hours that has the hashtag “Dwight Howard ALS.” 

Check it out:

Pau Gasol jokes about Lakers using billboards to recruit him next season


Pau Gasol has a contract that’s up at the end of next season, and the 7-footer from Spain hopes that the Lakers’ courtship of perennial superstar center, Dwight Howard, is a sign of the future when it comes to what measures the Lakers will take next season to keep him in place in Los Angeles.

Pau Gasol must have taken the blue pill, because he’s clearly still trapped in the Matrix, believing the Lakers will pull out all the stops to keep him hanging around past this upcoming season. Not to say the Lakers won’t strive to keep Pau in town, but to believe they will put on the display they have for Dwight Howard seems naive.

The chance that Pau exits LA before his contract expires seem exceptionally high, if recent history counts at all. Gasol has been involved in trade rumors for roughly two seasons now, and I wouldn’t expect that to stop if Howard does indeed re-up in Los Angeles for the long haul. There has also been chatter of Pau being amnestied.

Gasol discussed the possibilities on Catalunya Radio.

“I don’t think that Howard re-signing with the Lakers puts me out of the team for sure, but I guess the chances would grow. Gasol said. I know the Lakers are pushing hard trying to keep Howard with a spectacular campaign in Los Angeles, putting banners in key spots.”

Pau also cracked what I assume is a joke when asked about his approaching free agency.

“I hope they (The Lakers) do the same for me next season when I become a free agent…I doubt it.”

The fact remains that Pau is still a pretty great NBA talent, and has plenty of time left to showcase his skill and help a contender win it all. The reality that the Lakers don’t make a move if Howard does commit long term seems low. The Lakers have put themselves in a situation, financially, where they can not afford to bring in much help to put around their core guys. Steve Nash, Kobe Bryant, Metta World Peace, Pau Gasol, and Dwight Howard couldn’t get the job done last season, and I doubt the Lakers’ brass has the confidence that they can in 2013-14 without a bit of a shake-up. Pau’s head could be on the chopping block if Howard re-signs.

Report: Thomas Robinson to the Trail Blazers


The Portland Trail Blazers have reportedly acquired Thomas Robinson from the Houston Rockets.

The Rockets moving Robinson is no surprise since rumors have been swirling for a week or so that Houston would likely try and move T-Rob as part of their alleged plan to sign free agent center, Dwight Howard.

Robinson, who will be heading into his second season in the NBA, is heading to his third team in just a year’s time. The former 5th overall pick in the 2012 NBA draft has been moved from the Sacramento Kings, to the Houston Rockets, and now has been passed on to the Portland Trail Blazers as reported by Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports.

The Rockets will receive rights to Kostas Papanikolau and Marko Todorovic in the swap.


The LowDown: Aaron Hernandez, Dwight Howard, Patrice Bergeron and more!

Photo Credit: ESPN.com

This is my inaugural Sports-Kings Lowdown for the site, where we browse across the web, and give you all of the entertaining, and wacky things that go on in the sports world. I hope you enjoy!

 You think you’re having a bad day? Well, at least you’re not Aaron Hernandez… no really, at least you’re not Aaron HernandezNO REALLY, AT LEAST YOU’RE NOT AARON HERNANDEZ.

Also, you think you’re tough? You ain’t no Patrice Bergeron. No really, you’re not.

Bruins fans seem to be handling their Stanley Cup defeat with dignity, but not nearly as well as Jonathan Toews and the Chicago Blackhawks are celebrating victory.

Lakers may be getting the feeling that Dwight Howard is being charmed by the Houston Rockets, so why not just be public with your complete desperation?

It was nice of Brian Cashman to speak publicly on behalf of every Yankees fan about Alex Rodriguez.

Now it’s time for the Lowdown lady of the day. You’re welcome in advance. Since it’s my first time, I think it’s only fair to introduce you to my better half: Mila Kunis… she just doesn’t know it yet.

Photo courtesy of Tumblr

I leave you with one of my passions. For those of you who love hip-hop, and miss the lyricism that used to exist, I highly recommend battle rap. Here is one of my favorite battles, JC vs. Chilla Jones:

By: Frank Santos- Sports-Kings Co-Founder/Pass the Pill Manager


Report: Andrew Bynum to be ready for training camp


Andrew Bynum’s agent,  David Lee, said on Monday that the often-injured big man will be ready for the start of training camp. Now there’s just the matter of which team’s camp will Bynum participate in? Bynum will hit the NBA’s free agent market in July, and despite not playing a single game for the Philadelphia 76ers since coming to the east coast in a four-team trade that sent Dwight Howard to the Los Angeles Lakers, speculation has been running wild on whether or not the Sixers will look to retain Bynum’s services past his current deal. Furthermore, nobody seems to have any idea of whether or not Bynum even wants to remain in Philadelphia.

“Philly will do what Philly does. I can’t control it,” Lee said. “Next week, I have a feeling I’ll be meeting with a couple of teams.”

Focusing on Bynum’s return appears to be what he and his agent have in mind right now. Bynum has the green light and is expected to resume workouts next week. The seven-footer suffered a knee injury that saw him sidelined all season. The Sixers’ relationship with Andrew seems rocky at best, and whether or not he returns is completely up in the air at this moment.

Many were asking the question of whether or not Bynum had what it takes to become the NBA’s premiere center, but in a “what have you done for me lately” world, Bynum’s stock has plummeted in little time. Even the 76ers general manager, Sam Hinkie, has had some less than encouraging things to say about the big man.

“I think of Andrew like the thousands of other young men walking around the world that are unrestricted free agents that have potential to play NBA basketball,” Hinkie said. “He is one of those. I’m duty bound to consider them and look at them. All of them.”

This Summer (free agency beginning July 1st) should be an interesting one in terms of centers. Dwight Howard and Andrew Bynum will both be available, and despite Bynum’s latest slew of injuries, my bet would be that at least a half dozen team will be knocking at the door come July 1st.


The Lowdown: LeBron, Stump the Schwab, Chappelle, Kardashian and more…

Howie Schwab was let go by ESPN, it’s rough times for world-wide leader in sports!

What’s poppin’ sports goons? I love doing the new Lowdown feature we have here at Sports-Kings so much, I decided to do two days in a row. Seriously, what’s better than to look at some of the crazy sports blog stories from around the web and share them with you? Well, now that I think about it, probably a lot of things. But hey, at least we got the lovely lady of the day we can show you, right?

You know Dwight Howard has to be happy that this Celtics/Clippers deal has overtaken his name in the sports headlines. I guess the trade is off …again?  (Sports-Glory)

Who remembers the “Stump the Schwab” ESPN show? In some sad news, Howie Schwab was part of the layoffs at ESPN and has been let go after 26 years with the world-wide leader of sports network. (Deadspin)

Could Bill Simmons walk away from NBA Countdown after just one year? Hello, Stephen A. Smith! (TheBigLead)

Nike is getting a little ahead of themselves, “2-Time Champion” LeBron kicks have been leaked. (Next Impulse Sports)

Flo Rida’s manager banned from Games 6 and 7 of the NBA Finals. Who listens to Flo Rida anyway, ban them both! (Jocks and Stiletto Jill)

Dave Chappelle is going to be headlining the Funny or Die tour (All Hip Hop)

To celebrate Chappelle headlining the FOD tour, here is some vintage Chappelle from his days on Comedy Central

To celebrate Kim Kardashian having a baby girl, we decided to make her the Lowdown lady of the day.


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