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Top 5 Kevin Garnett trash talking incidents

In light of Honey Nut Cheerios having their own form of an economic stimulus courtesy of the Kevin Garnett/Carmelo Anthony feud, this got us at Sports-Kings thinking about the usually notorious trash talking incidents Kevin Garnett has been part of. Although KG has had many incidents with players we’re going to stick with the trash talking and not the “punching and elbow” incidents. Sorry Wally Szczerbiak and Zaza Pachulia.  Time to get to the list!


5.) Kevin Garnett and LeBron James

This may be the longest tenured trash talking incident that KG has ever been part of. Starting back in Cleveland when LeBron played for the Cavs, Kevin Garnett and many of his fellow Celtics would bully and trash talk LeBron James. This was only heightened when LeBron left for Miami. Last year, LeBron finally had enough and carried the Heat past the Celtics on their way to the NBA Finals. However, there was a moment when LeBron and Garnett came face to face in which LeBron stuck his arm out with the ball and just laughed.


 4.) Kevin Garnett taunts Jose Calderon

Apparently European point guards are on KG’s do not like list

I’m still not sure if I’ve heard the reason for Kevin Garnett taunting Jose Calderon. Was KG upset that Calderon had the audacity to rotate and contest his short corner jump shot? Did Calderon actually say something to KG after he sunk his 15 foot jumper? Whatever the case, Calderon did not back down and jawed right back at Garnett. What baffles everyone is how KG didn’t receive a technical foul for taunting. He literally is waiving his finger and hand in Calderon’s face the whole way up the floor. Apparently waiving your finger at the opponent after a blocked shot like Dikembi Mutombo used to do is a technical, but waiving your hand in someone’s face in a taunting manner all the way up the floor is not.


 3.) Kevin Garnett calls Charlie Villanueva a cancer patient

Charlie Villanueva suffers from alopecia universalis, an autoimmune skin disease. The result of this is hair loss. I doubt KG knew Villanueva had this condition, much less what the disease is. Still calling someone a cancer patient is crossing the line. The Celtics blew out the Pistons in this game (109-86) so I’m not sure where the trash talking was needed. Just another crazy trash talking encounter of an insane Garnett taking it too far.

2.) Kevin Garnett wishes Tim Duncan Happy Mother’s Day

This trash talking incident goes all the way back to May of 1999. During the first round of the playoffs, Timmy’s Spurs took on Garnett’s Timberwolves. As Tim Duncan went to the free throw line, Kevin Garnett yelled at him, “Happy Mother’s Day MotherFucker.” In case anyone didn’t know, Tim Duncan’s mother died of breast cancer one day before his 14th birthday. As you can guess, Tim Duncan hates Kevin Garnett.

1.) Kevin Garnett tells Carmelo Anthony his wife tastes like Honey Nut Cheerios

Kevin Garnett and Carmelo Anthony will forever go down as the best thing that ever happened to General Mills’ Honey Nut Cheerios. At least in terms of sales right? All jokes aside, this is definitely crossing the line. Even if Celtics’ coach, Doc Rivers denies this took place, Garnett has a track record that suggests he probably did say this. KG had Melo in such a funk that Anthony waited for KG at the Celtics’ team bus. This may go down as the most notorious trash talking incident all-time.

Kobe Bryant to Barcelona?

In an interesting interview reported by Basket4Us, Kobe Bryant has announced that he would like to join Barcelona in three years.

In the video Kobe says Barcelona is a great city. He also goes on to say some pros about playing in Barcelona. Like the beaches, and FC Barca. Kobe Bryant spent some of his childhood in Italy, so he’s a big soccer fan. If Bryant were to really do this in three years, then he’d obviously be the best player in their league.

The interesting thing is that Kobe is only 33 years old right now. Meaning he would be 36 in three years. Kevin Garnett, who is 36 now received a 3 year deal worth $34 million. Kobe can command that type of money from the Lakers in three years if he wants. But maybe he feels he accomplished everything he could already, and wants to dominate Euro ball.

“Give me three years and see me play at the club. I love the club and Barcelona is a city that I love, “ said Bryant. “The ACB’s still with Pau Gasol and the parties have the same intensity as in the NBA, but in the U.S. is more difficult because we play more matches and physical training requires much more than you here. “



Kevin Garnett Takes Jab At Philly Fans

It’s no secret that Boston Celtics leader and future NBA Hall of Famer, Kevin Garnett, thrives on intensity and being “riled up.” Some even call him a dirty player, but let’s be realistic: if he played in the 1980′s he would have been praised for his old-school style of play. But that’s neither here nor there. No stranger to controversy, KG recently sounded off comparing Boston fans to Philadelphia fans, as the Celtics are matched up with the Philadelphia 76ers in the second round of the Eastern Conference Playoffs:

“Not even close. In Boston you got fans and in Philadelphia you got fair-weather fans. Take that how you want.”

With the series at 3-2 in favor of the Celtics, I’m not sure why Garnett would want to give the young and fiery Philly squad any extra motivation, but maybe he’s also motivating himself in some strange, off the grid, Kevin Garnett way. You know, sort of how he head-butts the post that holds up the backboard before every game?

Source: NBC Sports

The Celtics Storm Back into the Eastern Conference Picture

There’s a lot to be said about a player like Paul Pierce. Playing on the same team for fourteen years. Being the go to guy for a franchise for the duration of those years. He is molding his own legacy in Celtics lore after passing Larry Bird for second place on the Celtics all time scoring list Tuesday night in a 94-84 win over Charlotte. But there’s another story brewing in Beantown: Boston is quietly climbing the ladder in the Eastern Conference after a disappointing start. Their record now stands at 14-10 after starting the season 4-8, and they now sit only three games behind the surprising 76ers in the Atlantic Division.

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Do the Celtics have another title run left in them? The answer awaits.

After a seemingly uninspired second-round exit at the hands of the Miami Heat in the 2011 NBA Playoffs, the Celtics Nation got to wondering, what exactly was wrong with our team? My answer to that is…nothing. Nothing but a few problem areas that can be fixed.

The C’s held late leads in two of those games that they could have won, it’s not as if they suffered crushing losses in which they were manhandled in every facet. Age is becoming a factor I digress, but the Celtics have more than enough left in the tank to make another title run, because if they didn’t, I highly doubt Doc Rivers would have returned as their coach.

The Celtics success next season, in my opinion, will lie almost solely on Rajon Rondo. He is the orchestrator that gets the open shots for Ray Allen and Paul Pierce. He is the one that gets into the paint for acrobatic layups and gets his teammates easy buckets. The areas that this budding superstar must improve are not only his mid-range jump shooting, but also not being scared to take those shots. If Rondo can add a consistent 15-footer to his deadly arsenal, he will be nearly unstoppable. If he can make it happen, the Celtics have to be considered a contender.

The next area of need is finding another scorer on the perimeter. Paul Pierce is still consistent and will get his points, but can no longer always get to the basket like he used to. Pierce has deferred to taking a lot of jumpers, which is no problem, as he is normally an excellent shooter, but his explosiveness is faltering. Ray Allen will be a three-point menace as always. But as for a quick, get-to-the-bucket type guy, they lack in that area severely.

The answer could be in second-year man out of Texas, Avery Bradley. Injured for a good part of last season, Bradley was ranked the second-best point guard behind John Wall in last year’s draft. He would add depth if he can perform, and the team would not lose much production when Rondo needs a rest should Bradley step up. They can also look in the upcoming draft or in free-agency for a player that fits the bill in this area. A name that comes to mind is Jamal Crawford, who is an explosive scorer and  can create his own shot. Crawford would make an immediate perimeter impact. Boston should seriously look into acquiring this unrestricted free agent, as I am sure he would entertain the idea of a possible deep playoff run and championship by joining the Celtics.

Jeff Green showed signs of playing at the level he is capable of, but at 6 foot 9, 235 pounds, Green doesn’t play much like a power forward. He doesn’t rebound, and has trouble in the paint on defense. If he packs on some muscle and tunes up his aggressiveness, that might enable him to start at the 4 spot and move Kevin Garnett to center. This may hinder their defense slightly, but would give them more options on the offensive end, as Green is a good perimeter player and many power forwards would have loads of trouble guarding him out there. The same is true for KG, as he is a deadly mid-range shooter, and would get a lot of open looks should a center be guarding him.

The last problem area that needs to be addressed is the paint, plain and simple. The Celtics interior defense suffered greatly after the departure of Kendrick Perkins. Jermaine O’Neal played solidly, but when he left the court it was a disaster. The Celtics need to find someone, via the draft or free agency, who will do the dirty work: bang down low, fight for rebounds, contest and block shots. Those are all areas they went downhill when Perkins was traded, and finding that guy will be intricate for the Celtics to make another run at a championship.

Overall, the C’s and their fans have a bad taste in their mouths after how the season ended, with Lebron James celebrating like he won the Finals (which he didn’t in the end) after knocking them out of the playoffs. They are a veteran group who should come out swinging next year. If they can successfully address the aforementioned problem areas, I see no reason why the Celtics won’t be right back in the mix of things in the Eastern Conference next season.

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