Isiah Thomas to be offered a job by James Dolan

Could Isiah Thomas be back with the Knicks next season?

Every time Knicks fans hear the name, Isiah Thomas, they cringe. Isiah Thomas without a doubt is one of the best point guards to ever play the game, however that doesn’t erase the painful memories Knicks fans endured last decade. Well Knicks fans get ready for the possible Isiah Thomas sequel.

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Raymond Felton: I’m better than Jeremy Lin, people need to shut their mouths

Raymond Felton: I’m better than Jeremy Lin, people need to shut their mouths

Raymond Felton certainly isn’t lacking confidence in his second trip back as a New York Knick. Felton, in an interview with MSG claims he is a better point guard than Jeremy Lin. With a strong Jeremy Lin fan base, this may not have been the smartest thing to come out and say for Raymond Felton. Knicks fans should love Felton’s confidence, as he is a talented player when in shape. Lin however, has only 25 starts under his belt. The Knicks if nothing else, are getting a more experienced player that has proven he can thrive in New York.

“Nothing personal between me and Jeremy” but says “I am a competitor. I am a point guard just like he is, so do I think I am better? Of course, I am going to say that. I think I am better than any point guard. That’s the way I am supposed to think.”

As for the naysayers that say Felton was overweight and questions his dedication and commitment to the game, Felton says they need to shut their mouths. If nothing else Felton has the New York swag working in his favor. Judging on how the New York tabloids are, Felton better put up or shut up himself come hoops season.

“I wasn’t at the weight I normally am.”

“I am the first one to say, ‘I wasn’t in shape.’ I don’t make no excuses, I don’t blame anyone else.”

“I am hearing from everybody, ‘He wasn’t in shape last year.’ I played in the league seven years, about to be eight, came in out of shape one year and that’s all everybody wants to talk about. … I look forward to this year and shutting up everybody’s mouth.”

J.R. Smith says Steve Nash is a young Clint Eastwood

J.R. Smith is known to fly a little off the handle on his twitter account. Well, he’s pure entertainment while soaking in the mess of an event that is The ESPYs. He has the line of the night (or morning, depending on which coast you’re on) with this tweet and photo evidence to back it up. Appears the assist may go to some cohorts of his at instagram.


ESPN Misspells “Knicks” in Tweet

I understand we’re in the technology age where everyone has a smart phone and constantly texting. With this comes some purposeful misspellings to shorten things down, save on time so to speak. But when ESPN, who refers to themselves as the world-wide leader in sports, misspells the word, “Knicks” I have to question it.

Check out the tweet from ESPN New York:



Deron Williams Talked Jason Kidd Into Signing with Knicks

Jason Kidd

Jason Kidd signs with Knicks on advice from Brooklyn Nets point guard Deron Williams (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

Jason Kidd was all set to resign with the Dallas Mavericks. That is until Deron Williams talked him out of it during a round of golf. Kidd could have resigned with the Mavericks and capped off a hall-of-fame career by ending it with the same team that drafted him and he won a championship with. In fact, Deron Williams according to Kidd, said the Mavericks were on the top of both their free-agent wish list. Then the pair broke down the declining Maverick roster, and realized Dallas may be looking at some rebuilding years.

“I was with my good friend Deron and I am looking at him and he talked to me about it and the reason why he thought he couldn’t go was because of the (Mavericks) roster,” Kidd said in a WFAN interview.

“I kind of looked at it, too and I backed off and I looked at it and said, ‘Hey, New York has a chance to be successful. I can help those guys win.’”
For Knicks fans I’m not sure they consider this an “assist” from Deron, seeing that Kidd’s numbers plummeted last season and he is 39 years old. However, he will bring stability and leadership, while mentoring young Jeremy Lin. If Kidd has anything left, the Knicks will sorely need it next season, seeing that they are extremely thin at the guard spots in the rotation.
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