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Pacquiao wanted to visit Floyd Mayweather in prison

Pacquiao and Mayweather

All boxing fanatics, and even those who aren’t particularly into the sport, are licking at their chops at the idea of a Manny Pacquiao/Floyd Mayweather fight. That being said, we all know that this has had it’s fair share of difficulties.

The prospect of this actually happening took a hit when Floyd Mayweather went to jail for domestic battery. Given, he only served two months of his original three-month sentence, but it still can deliver a huge blow to his training schedule. I’m not sure that prison conditions, including the nutrition options, are optimal for training for one of the most anticipated boxing matches ever.

So, you would think Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao are bitter rivals, right? Continue reading

Irish Betting site refunding money placed on Manny Pacquiao

Last night was one of the most discussed boxing matches in recent history, and not in a good way for the face of the sport.

(Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

In a fight between Manny Pacquiao and Tim Bradley at the MGM grand in Las Vegas, Bradley was dubbed the winner in a split decision match that went through all twelve scheduled rounds. Many analysts and score cards had Pacquiao winning in a landslide. Some were generous and gave Bradley three rounds, but not the seven in which he supposedly won.

A match up that sent Twitter into a frenzy when the decision was announced, it clearly was not the outcome that the world was expecting. So much so that an Irish Betting website is refunding all monies placed on Manny Pacquiao. In response to the controversial outcome, the betting site Paddy Power has issued Justice Refunds to all betters that placed a wager on Pacman, per, and Paddy Power’s Twitter account.


The replies by fans were noticed quickly, many happy that they were going to serve justice for an unfair bout. The site had the refunds back in to betters accounts within an hour or the announcement.


I commend them on doing this for the fans, it’s respectable and they show they agree on the fix. Manny was robbed last night, and I’m not the only one calling the fight a fix. Hell, even Bradley himself tweeted a poster of the already-scheduled rematch for November 10th, a week and a half in advance of the June 9th showdown.


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Sports-Kings Senior Columnist – Justin Arbogast

Why Boxing Is Boxing: Pacquiao leaves Vegas crime scene

You know how your grandfather always makes a wisecrack about boxing being bullshit? Well, now you know what he’s talking about. That is, if you watched Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao demolish an overwhelmed Timothy Bradley in a near route of a fight, and only to find his name on the wrong end of the scorecards. Usually they say it takes two people to fix a fight. Well, yeah, and that would obviously be the two fighters. Well, now we’ve seen that it can be two judges. In one of the most blindly-scored fights ever scored in public, we now walk away with a clearly flawed sport. History will somehow pretend that this didn’t happen.

Timothy Bradley spent the better part of the fight just trying to get jacked-up to continue getting pummelled with hard left hands that he couldn’t avoid. His cornerman, Joel Diaz, even asked him if he wanted to keep fighting midway through. The ringside announcers saw the quit in Bradley by Round 8. He was just a man trying to keep from getting knocked out. His knees buckled in several exchanges and he rode his bicycle, as they say, out of trouble more than once. Pacquiao clearly had no fear of Bradley’s punches and walked into them almost invitingly. It looked like the Filipino was doing work with a sub-par sparring partner at times. Bradley, as willing and tough as he was, was that badly outclassed. He, rightfully, looked happy to make it to the cards.

Afterwards, he did little more to convince us. He said, “I’ll have to go back and look at the tape,” after being asked about his thoughts on whether he won. Ever hear that from a “winning” fighter? Manny Steward seemed visibly disgusted when trying to discuss it. He said he was surprised it was even close on the cards. You cannot find a ringside boxing analyst that would agree with this decision. Tim Bradley was in the wrong ring against far too fast and viscous a fighter. Yet, somehow, as disgusting as it is, the headlines will read “Bradley beats Pacquiao.”

All one can wonder, is how it was it fixed? Did all 3 judges get paid off or was it just two? It is a low-point in a sport that has an untrustworthy history of cinematic proportion. Boxing, by nature, almost holds the rights to “The Fix.” Now, it would seem absurd to say this about any other sport, but I’m just left wondering who fixed it and how? Otherwise, I’m forced to ponder how 3 Nevada Athletic Commission-approved professional judges were able to not see left hands. Were the lefts just that fast? Maybe they missed them ringside?  It’s beyond comedy what they wrote down on their pieces of paper, even in the case of the judge who ruled it 115-113 Pacquiao to make it a split decision. It’s tragic for a sport that has trust issues. It’s prompted more than one observer already to walk away from the wobbly-legged outfit that we call a sport.

Hopefully we can just be adults and pretend as though this never happened. Pretend the right thing was written on the scorecards. Because who even wants to see a rematch? Another one-sided ass-whipping is not what the fans clamor for? Another delay of a Superfight? Another waste of time? No, let’s just pretend like it didn’t really happen and let’s move on. If Manny knows what he’s doing, he never fights in Las Vegas again. You can’t trust that crooked of a place. Order has been lost in Las Vegas again.  And it’s apparent. This all seems like something done by somebody who plays craps with Lucky Luciano. Time for Manny to take the big purse and return to Jerry Land in Texas and continue his assault of straight left hands that no one can seem to get away from. You can print the t-shirt now,

“So Fast
Even the Judges
can’t See It.”

It would be funny if it weren’t so disgusting. Bradley entering the post-presser in the wheelchair was just the cherry on top of this episode that only could occur in the realm that is boxing.

-Pat N.

Timothy Bradley stuns Manny Pacquiao…with the help of the judges?

My my, how the tides have turned. There was some definite error in the way the judges scored the fight, as many had a clear victory for the Pac-Man. However, I am not sure why everyone is up in arms, as Manny has been the recipient of some pretty generous judgments in his career; anyone remember the three Marquez fights?

Tweets from HBO and the Baltimore Ravens star Ray Rice pretty much up summed up the thoughts about this situation, though. Manny has done enough in the ring to not be the victim of a robbery.

Breaking: Pacquiao Turned Down Mayweather Earlier This Year


In an exclusive interview with Yahoo! Sports’ Kevin Iole, Manny Pacquiao confirms that he turned down Mayweather for their much awaited bout before Mayweather vs. Cotto was scheduled. Pacquiao cited financial reasons for his denying the world the fight we have all been waiting for. It seems plausible; Floyd offered Manny a deal that included NO pay-per-view money, which in the boxing business is pretty much a joke when talking about a fight between two equally relevant boxers.

However, for all the time these two spent negotiating within the media, I just wish they would just spend it negotiating. This fight’s window is closing rapidly, and at this point, we may be watching them fighting for the best bed at the nursing home.

Mayweather vs. Pacquiao (Tale of the Tape)

In the case that these two ever stop talking and start fighting, let’s take a look at how things would shake out. Bit by bit, of the sweet science.


Mayweather – Floyd’s ability to move his feet seems to have faded a bit over the last couple of years. Though he says it’s somewhat intentional, to make fights more exciting, that’s highly doubtful from a guy that has never leapt towards a firefight. He still has elite head movement and slips and ducks punches as well as just about anyone in the sport. He won’t be beat by Manny’s straight left hand. You can bank on that. Continue reading

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