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Knicks’ starting lineup still being determined?


With the 2013-14 NBA season just over two months from it’s start (October 29th), New York Knicks’ head coach, Mike Woodson, still has “no idea who’s going to start” for the Knickerbockers this season.

Woodson stated three obvious starters. Carmelo Anthony (duh), Tyson Chandler and Raymond Felton. Chandler and Felton merely boil down to the fact that the Knicks are shallow at both point guard and center, and truly have no other worthy starting options aside from the aforementioned Chandler and Felton.

“That’s what we use camp for. I have no idea who’s going to start,” Woodson said. “Camp should be pretty competitive based on the talent, and that’s how it should be.”

Not to claim that these Knicks don’t have pieces. Their starting battle at shooting guard proves to have many solid options to play alongside Melo on the wings. J.R Smith is an obvious name that vaults into conversation, but it seems like Woodson liked Smith in more of a 6th man role last season. Iman Shumpert is another choice, and my personal pick for who will start at the two in 2013. Shump offers the Knicks some athleticism and a hard-nosed defensive option. Then there’s the rookie, Tim Hardaway Jr. Hardaway looks to be a good fit for the Knicks as a scorer on the wing.

“You’ve got to go in and earn a spot,” Woodson said when asked about Shumpert’s status as a starter. “That’s how I look at it.”

Power forward is another point of interest, and yet another position where Woodson has some interesting choices to make. The Knicks seem to play pretty solid small ball, with Anthony at the four, but also have more options this season, with names like Metta World Peace, Andrea Bargnani, and what is hopefully a healthy Amar’e Stoudemire.

Although I’m sure the Knicks will let both Stoudemire and Bargnani see minutes at the five, behind Chandler. The shuffling units that the Knicks could implement this season are very intriguing to say the least.

“Melo is a player. I could play him at the [two-guard] and he’d be just fine. I don’t know where I’m going to play him yet,” Woodson said. “I’ll play him, I know that, but we have to find two other bodies that fit that starting lineup and who that’s going to be at this point, I don’t know.”

Woodson understands the variety of units he can run with this current roster, and seeing multiple, different looks every night wouldn’t surprise me. Felton, Melo, Metta, Bargnani and Chandler would give the Knicks extreme size, while units like Felton, Smith, Melo, Amar’e and Bargnani could give the Knicks a relentless offensive force. But, I’d expect to see units like Felton, Shump, Melo, Metta and Chandler when the Knicks see the likes on the Indiana Pacers. Something with a bit of defensive force. A lineup the Knicks seemingly lacked last season.

Woodson has many decisions to make before the season kicks off in late October.





Daniel Artest says Metta can be Knicks’ goon


Shortly after being amnestied by the Los Angeles Lakers, and clearing waivers, Metta World Peace signed on with the New York Knicks, a playoff team with loads of offensive talent, who seemingly lacked strong defensive presence, and that tough, gritty mentality, who teams like the Indiana Pacers are bursting at the seams with. Metta, now a member of the Knicks, will ultimately bring his sometimes questionable attitude to the Big Apple, where the Knickerbockers will look to him for him to lead their defensive charge.

World Peace’s brother, Daniel Artest, believes that his brother will provide the Knicks with exactly what they’re looking for. A hired goon, so to speak. Not only does Metta’s brother believe that World Peace makes the Knicks tougher, but he also believes that they would have beaten the Pacers last season in the playoffs if Metta was on their roster.

“They’ve got a good team but they never had that goon — that defensive goon last season,’’ Daniel said on Monday. “Someone that’s not afraid. If Ron was on the team, they would have gotten past the Pacers.’’

Perhaps Metta World Peace IS exactly what the New York Knicks lack. He brings in that toughness that players like Carmelo Anthony just don’t have. He’s also the type of player who can knock down the open look, which should mesh well with the high-octane offensive approach the Knicks used last season. Metta will have his work cut out for him, most likely getting looks at opposing team’s best scorers at the two, three and four positions. Daniel Artest believes his brother is ready for any challenges.

“I’m not worried [he’s washed up],’’ Daniel said. “It’s all about heart. The way Ron plays, he will help the Knicks out the way he plays defense and take pressure off Carmelo [Anthony], [who] won’t have to guard the best forward guy anymore. [World Peace] can guard the power forward. He held a lot of power forwards like Zach Randolph, David West and LaMarcus [Aldridge] last season way below their scoring average. He’s still very strong and has a lot of game left.’’

We do know one thing about Metta World Peace, he’ll bring excitement to Gotham. Hopefully he stays away from the negativity that has surrounded his NBA career thus far. MWP could truly provide the Knicks would something they lacked last season. It’s up to him to get the job done.


The Game wins a $50,000 bet from Baron Davis

Charlie Lopez/Axis Photography

Former NBA star Baron Davis and West Coast hip hop rapper, The Game wagered a meager $50,000 on a basketball game this past Sunday sponsored by the DREW LEAGUE. Baron Davis had to feel pretty confident about his chances as his LAUNFD team, featured NBA superstar Kevin Durant.  The Game’s Money Gang team wasn’t too shabby featuring a few NBA players of his own. Metta World Peace and DeMar DeRozan to even out the playing field.

Kevin Durant dazzles the crowd scoring a game-high 35 points and 17 rebounds; but with the game on the line and the LAUNFD down a bucket, Durant’s three-point attempt was presumably short and Money Gang held on to win the 92-90.

courtesy of bleacher report and

On a side note the, Metta score a team high 29 points and 13 rebounds.  The fans of the Drew League got a treat as they filled the gym to capacity.  Oh by the way, since Durant was responsible for the missing the biggest shot of the summer, do you think he will fork over the $50,000, Baron Davis now owes?

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WATCH: Metta World Peace throws elbow against James Harden’s teammate Jeremy Lin

Metta World Peace elbows Jeremy Lin

When will it end with Metta World Peace? Whether it was “inadvertent” or on purpose, it doesn’t look good that Peace keeps having these altercations. Even Dikembi Mutombo didn’t have this many “accidents’ with his sharp, swinging elbows. The irony in all of this? It happened to the new team James Harden is playing for, which also was the team Peace played for prior to coming to the Lakers. We all remember the nasty elbow Peace had on Harden last year, well this year it was against Harden’s teammate, Jeremy Lin.

Check it out, as it appears that Lin may have received a small cut near his eye.

Metta World Peace: Steve Nash should do magic shows with naked strippers around him

Metta World Peace thinks Steve Nash should do magic tricks in Vegas

I’m all for watching Steve Nash perform tricks on the hardwood floor, but now I thinking this new idea by Peace may have just one-upped watching Nash and his creative genius at work on the basketball court. Metta World Peace thinks that Steve Nash is so good on the offensive end, that there could be a smooth transition over to the magician field.

Peace goes onto explain that he doesn’t get back on defense half the time because he is still processing the offensive wizardry performed by Nash when the Lakers score.

“Half of the time, I don’t get back on defense after we just scored,” World Peace said. “I’m wondering what just happened.”

Then it gets really interesting. See Metta goes into detail of what he sees going on if Steve Nash ever took his suggestion seriously.

“Nash should do a Vegas magic show,” the Lakers forward said. “They should put his picture on the Flamingo hotel with a picture of him posing spinning the ball with his tongue out. There could be a bunch of strippers around him naked covering themselves with a hat.”




WATCH: Metta World Peace uses reporter for flopping demonstration

Metta World Peace uses Laker reporter as a prop

Metta World Peace has been all over the news lately. Whether it be his comedy stand up, or him making controversial comments about Steve Nash being the smartest Laker because he is white. One thing is for certain; there is never a dull moment with the artist formerly known as Ron Artest.

Peace was talking with Laker reporters about the topic of flopping. He even went so far to say he’d look stupid if he took a charge. So Peace decided talking wasn’t enough, he decided to use Laker reporter Mark Medina as a “flopping prop.”

Via La Times:

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