Retail food chain giving out free playoff tickets

Want to watch the Phoenix Mercury try to capture their third WNBA championship? Well, now is your chance as a Phoenix retail food chain known as Fry’s Food Stores is giving out free playoff tickets. I’m not sure this is a good sign when a food chain is giving out free tickets for a playoff game that features Brittney Griner and Diana Taurasi.

At least you may be able to see Brittney Grinder dunk, right?

Charles Woodson says Tom Brady owes him everything he has

Even though it was over a decade ago, Charles Woodson still can’t get over the “Tuck Rule” game that helped Tom Brady catapault into superstardom. Since Tom Brady first won a super bowl in 2001, his life has been one of success, riches, and everything he could ever ask for. A lot of fans wonder how his life may have been different had he not been saved by the Tuck Rule in 2001.

Charles Woodson is one of those people.

The infamous “Tuck Rule” game in the 2001-2002 AFC playoffs is one of the most controversial and talked about games in NFL history even more than a decade later. Now, with Tom Brady being on the cusp of his sixth appearance in the Super Bowl, the controversy of the day has once again reared its head. Charles Woodson, the man who forced the fumble/incomplete pass/what have you, is speaking out yet again and saying that he STILL believes it to be a fumble and he still seems bitter about it.


It’s a question that will probably never be fully answered. It’s been hotly debated for years and probably will continue to be. But I think we all wonder where Tom Brady would be had the Raiders recovered that fumble and not had it overturned. Would he still be a multiple-time Super Bowl champion? Would we still be having debates over Brady vs Peyton and who’s truly the best quarterback of this generation and possibly of all time?

One thing is for sure, Charles Woodson sure thinks that Tom Brady owes him a BIG thank you.



Eagles break record in win over Cowboys

As I’m sure you’ve all seen already, the Philadelphia Eagles are postseason bound after winning a “win-and-get-in” NFC East championship game against the Dallas Cowboys. The Eagles went from worst (4-12) to first (10-6) in the division and along the way picked up some pretty fantastic numbers. Especially good seasons were had by QB Nick Foles and RB LeSean “Shady” McCoy.

The official Eagles twitter posted earlier:




When they mention RB @CutonDime25, that’s LeSean McCoy. Foles ended the regular season with a passer rating of 118.8, good for best in the league. He also threw for 25 touchdowns to only 2 interceptions, which is a hell of a ratio. McCoy also won the NFL rushing title this year, running for 1,476 yards on 287 attempts. He added 9 touchdowns to a killer 5.1 yards per carry average. These two are definitely one of the most dangerous 1-2 punch combos on offense in the entire league and should NOT be taken lightly heading into the postseason.

The Eagles begin their postseason quest for supremacy in a matchup against the 6th seeded New Orleans Saints at home on January 4th. Can they continue their forward momentum and take down Drew Brees and the high powered offense of the Saints? Make sure not to miss it next Saturday! The playoffs are going to be intense this year with a serious amount of talent from the 1 seed all the way to the 6 in the NFC and the AFC.


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Top 10 (plus one) games in 2012 Sports

2012 was another exciting season across all sports producing memorable games and clutch performances. Here are the Top 10 (plus 1) games (races, finishes) in Sports in 2012

11) May 19, 2012 – I’ll Have Another vs. Bodemeister (and the field), The 137th Preakness Stakes

After the two stallions emerged in the Kentucky Derby as 1-2, the rematch was even more thrilling. I’ll Have Another surged down the stretch overcoming a 3-length deficit to overtake favored Bodemeister and get the second jewel of the elusive Triple Crown of horse racing. Sadly, I’ll Have Another suffered an injury that forced him to be pulled the eve of the Belmont Stakes (of which Bodemeister was not going to compete) and we’ll never know if he would have done what hasn’t been done since 1978 with Affirmed.

10) April 26, 2012 – New Jersey Devils vs. Florida Panthers, Game 7, Eastern Conference Quarterfinals

After a physical first six games in which the Devils won in overtime in Game 6 to force this game, the Panthers overcame a 2-0 deficit in the third period to force sudden death overtime. It took until the second overtime period when Adam Henrique needed the deciding goal to win 3-2. The Devils went on to win two more series and the Eastern Conference.

9) May 30, 2012 – Boston Celtics at Miami Heat, Game 2, Eastern Conference Finals

On a day when Rajon Rondo went off with 44 points, 10 assists, and 8 rebounds, LeBron missed the last shot in regularion, the Heat won an overtime thriller 115-111. The series ended up going 7 games, had the Celtics escaped with this one, LeBron may still be chasing that first ring.

8) July 8, 2012 – The Championships at Wimbledon Men’s Final, Roger Federer vs. Andy Murray

Murray carried the weight of the Empire on his shoulders in trying to become the first British tennis player to win Wimbledon since 1936. After a furious first set win, Murray lost a second set tiebreak and never seemed to gain his confidence back losing 4-6, 7-5, 6-3, 6-4. Murray made one of the most heartfelt speeches of the sports year in thanking the crowd.

7) October 12, 2012 – St. Louis Cardinals at Washington Nationals, Game 5, National League Division Series

In the decisive game of an entertaining series, the Nationals seemed to have all but sewn up their first postseason series win (in their first appearance) when they jumped all over Adam Wainwright in taking a 6-0 lead. The Cardinals proceeded to hang around, then, down to their last out, scored 4, two-out runs in the Top of the 9th to stun the Nationals 9-7 and advance to the NLCS.

6) June 19, 2012 – Oklahoma City Thunder at Miami Heat, Game 4, NBA Finals

Trailing 2 games to 1, the Thunder seemed poised to wrest home court advantage back from the Heat in surging to a 17-point lead early, but the Heat wouldn’t back down, behind a big 3 from a hobbled LeBron, the Heat edged the Thunder 104-98 to put Oklahoma City in a 3-1 hole.

5) September 30, 2012 – Europe at United States, Medinah Country Club, IL, Singles Matches

In what was supposed to be a mere formality, the United States coughed up a seemingly insurmountable lead as Europe stormed back to retain the Ryder Cup. On home soil, the American’s needed only 4 1/2 points (out of twelve singles matches) to wrest the cup away. And one by one, the Americans fell. Finally, Martin Kaymer sank a 5-foot putt on 18 to seal the American’s historic fate 14.5 to 13.5. This video captures the moment:

4) February 26, 2012 – Missouri Tigers at Kansas Jayhawks, Final Big 12 matchup

Both teams entered the game in the Top 5, so a number 1 seed was proverbially on the line. Add to that the impending departure of Missouri to the SEC (and no non-conference matchups on the horizon) a lot was at stake. And both teams put on a performance, with Kansas overcoming a 19-point deficit and ultimately prevailing 87-86 in overtime.

3) January 14, 2012 – New Orleans Saints at San Francisco 49ers, NFC Division Playoffs

The fourth quarter of the game saw four lead changes, including three TD’s in the last 2:11 as the 49ers ultimately prevailed 36-32 on a 14-yard pass to Vernon Davis with 9 seconds left to seal the Saints fate. The game would later become infamous for alleged pregame bounties put on the 49ers by Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams, resulting in his and head coach Sean Payton’s suspensions for the 2012 season.

2) February 5, 2012 – New York Giants vs. New England Patriots, Super Bowl XLVI

In a matchup that produced arguably one of the most exciting Super Bowl finishes in history (SB XLII in which the Giants ruined what would have been a perfect Patriots season), the same two teams slugged it out for another 60 minutes, with the deciding TD in the final minute and a last minute Hail Mary from Brady that fell harmlessly to the ground and the Giants winning 21-17. The Giants crawled back from an 8-point deficit in the 3rd quarter by crawling back in, then having Super Bowl MVP Eli Manning once again complete a miracle pass on the way to the decisive scoring drive.

1) December 1, 2012 – Alabama Crimson Tide vs. Georgia Bulldogs, SEC Championship Game

In what was a de facto National Semifinal game, the two Southeastern Conference heavyweights did not disappoint. The see-saw battle saw five lead changes, including three in the fourth quarter, and ended with Georgia frantically trying to score inside the Alabama 10 yard line on the last two plays before time expired. The two teams produced over 900 yards of offense including three 100-yard rushers and two 100-yard receivers.

-Dave (@lhd_on_sports)


The Top 5 Championship Games Since 2000 (With a “Why Women Ruin Everything” Cameo)

Last week, I kicked off this mini-series with the Top 5 Divisional Games, and to much of all of our enjoyment, they didn’t disappoint. We found ourselves with a variety of different outcomes, and variety is never a bad thing. We had a defensive battle, a blowout, the annual 1-seed that looked to good to be true because well…they were, and the game that we all hope for, the historic “we will remember this game ten years from now” game.

This is the game that we hope for as sports fans. It is why we wait anxiously for an entire week to watch. We want to witness something that we have never seen before, something we will remember for years to come, ammunition for a top 5 sports list (okay, that last one is just for me). That happened in San Francisco, and it didn’t disappoint anybody… except for me. Continue reading

Explaining Major League Baseball’s Changes

By Joe F 


It’s crazy how good this year’s MLB playoffs were, and the days leading up to the end of the regular season as well. The Rays and eventual World Series Champions St. Louis Cardinals both made the post-season on the final day of the regular season : Game 162. Then we had some spectacular Division Series. All winners of those Division Series had negative run differentials. It just shows how you can’t predict baseball. Then you had two great League Championship Series leading up to what I think is one of the greatest World Series in the history of the game. In the World Series you had a lot of close games, a historical night for Pujols, a comeback that many call the best game in World Series history, and the aftermath? A first ballot Hall Of Fame manager who called it quits after winning his 3rd World Series Championship. What more excitement can you get?

Well you can get a lot more excitement possibly starting in 2012, and most definitely it seems in 2013. Bud Selig and the rest of the people running baseball have decided to make some changes to the game with the new bargaining deal coming up. They have taken notes from the NFL and NBA, and have learned to start negotiating early. The owners and players are close to a deal. Baseball should be played for the next two decades without interrupting.

The first change is the Houston Astros will be moving to the American League West in 2013. This make sense now because every division has 5 teams in it and each league has 15. The Astros were willing to do this because of new owner Jim Crane. Crane got a $60 million discount for moving the Astros to the American League. I suppose this was a smart business move for Crane. However the Astros could possibly be the doormat of the American League for years to come. They have a horrible farm system and won’t have enough talent to win games in the near future. Hunter Pence and Michael Bourn were the teams last young pieces in place, but they were traded to the Phillies and Braves respectively. They have the Rangers and Angels in their division now blocking their way to the playoffs. Then they have possible up and coming teams like the Seattle Mariners and Oakland A’s. Those teams at least have some talent in their farm and their big league club. The Astros only hope to win in the near future is to hope Jim Crane spends money like Steinbrenner. Fat chance.

Speaking of the 15-15 split, Major League Baseball will have inter-league play all year round in two years. I guess it will be more like the NBA and NHL schedules where you can play against any conference on any given day. Only replace single games with series. The National League teams will most likely start signing more power hitters to fill the DH role while American League managers will whine about how their star pitcher has to run the base paths. I personally feel baseball should eliminate pitchers hitting all together. I remember when Chien-Ming Wang hurt himself running the bases against the Astros. That pretty much ruined his career on. If only he could of waiting until 2013 to play the Astros as an American League ball club. I’m not a fan of the year round inter-league play, but I guess it could showoff talent around baseball that we normally don’t see. I see top American League teams like the Yankees to increase their win totals. They seem to fair well against the National League. The Yankees went 13-5 in inter-league play last year. I also expect teams like the Phillies win totals to decrease. When you play against the Nationals, Mets, and Marlins 18 times each a year you should win 102 games. Mix in more better teams from the AL and you’ll see a 7-9 win drop.

One of the most talked about changes though is the extra Wild Card team in each league. Which is what I was talking about earlier when I said this could come in 2012 and most definitely 2013. There will be 5 teams from each league. Meaning 10 teams make the playoffs in baseball now. So 1/3 of the league will be in the playoffs. The 2nd Wild Card will face the 1st Wild Card for a one game playoff. Giving the first two games of the MLB post-season a feeling of game 7. There’s a few pros and cons with this. For a con the 2nd Wild Card team can be 5 or 8 games back of the 1st Wild Card team. If they win the one game playoff then that substantial lead means nothing. As a pro though, it now serves as a greater purpose to win your division to automatically make the Division Series.

This year’s Champions the St. Louis Cardinals would have played the Atlanta Braves in the one game playoff this year. Just imagine what could have happened if the Braves won that game. Maybe the Phillies are your 2011 World Series Champions and not the pesky Cardinals.

In the end this is all a ploy to make more money. More Wild Card Championship gear for two more teams, ticket sales, etc. But I understand that baseball is a business. So I really have to respect their decision to do whats best for the entire league. Along the way we can enjoy an extra playoff game that starts us out with the feeling of anxiety. Two teams will play their ace pitchers attempting to get their team in the next series. This is ultimately going to be good for baseball, and the fans.

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