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Memorial Day weekend is the official kick off of summer, and it seems like the best sports events (outside of American Football) take place in the summer.  Whether you like racing, baseball, golf, tennis, cycling, or soccer, the summer has something for you.  Here, we look at the top ten sports events across the globe.  While our blog is based in the United States, we have to take a step back and look beyond the 300M Americans, to the 6B citizens of the world.  Criteria certainly lean toward some United States involvement, but with a lean toward overall appeal round the global Sports World.  TV numbers are tough to nail down when different countries are involved, the below are sometimes wild estimates.  Off we go!



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Top five reasons Peyton Manning’s Super Bowl loss to the Seahawks hurts his legacy

Chris Humphreys/USA TODAY Sports

Chris Humphreys/USA TODAY Sports

Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos just suffered one of the worst losses in Super Bowl history losing to the Seattle Seahawks 43-8.

Much has been made on what this game will do to Peyton’s legacy. The people who say that no matter the outcome Manning’s legacy is set certainly didn’t expect a blowout by the Seahawks or that Peyton would throw two interceptions and have one returned for a touchdown. Sure, Peyton is still one of the greats, but there’s no denying that this embarrassing loss on the biggest stage of them all is going to set him back a bit. Especially considering that he had the best supporting cast he’s ever had.

Here’s the top five reasons that this loss has tarnished his legacy:

5. 11-12 in postseason games

Hard to believe that one of the most prolific passers in league history is under .500 in the postseason, but it’s true. Manning is an impressive 148-73  in the regular season but when it comes to the postseason, Peyton has been known to crumble accumulating a record of 11-12. Everyone knows that every great quarterback is judged by what he does when it truly matters and with numbers like that, Manning isn’t turning many heads. Just compare his playoff record to that off guys like Joe Montana (16-7), Tom Brady (18-8) and John Elway (14-7), all guys you’re likely to have in your top five quarterbacks of all time. Does Peyton Manning truly belong in that company with that kind of playoff record?

4. 1-2 in Super Bowls

Brady has 3, Montana has four and even Terry Bradshaw managed to get four but Peyton Manning is still sitting at one.  Regardless that it might be a team statistic, the fact remains that the Super Bowl is the measuring stick used for measuring greatness in the NFL for quarterbacks. If you want to be the greatest of all time, one Super Bowl is not going to cut it when your counterparts are winning/have won them left and right. In his two Super Bowl losses, Manning has been outscored 49 to 25.

3. His only Super Bowl win came against Rex Grossman

Yes, he has managed to win one championship but let’s be honest, Super Bowl or not, how impressive is a win against Rex Grossman? Even then, Peyton threw one touchdown and one interception, not exactly stats you’d expect from one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time in the biggest game of the year. Grossman threw two interceptions in that game and had one returned for a touchdown, so who really won that game for the Colts, Manning or Grossman?

2. Eight one-and-dones in the playoffs, 4 of which came at home

It’s one thing to make the playoffs, but a great quarterback knows what to do when you get there. Not only has Peyton been knocked out of the playoffs in the first round eight times, but four of them came on his own turf. Peyton’s amazing regular season play has earned his teams a lot of home playoff games, but getting knocked out in front of your home crowd is just a slap in the face for a quarterback and a big no-no if you want to be considered the best of all time.

1. So many records, but little to show for it

Peyton Manning has the records, most passing yards in a season, most touchdowns thrown in a season, you could go on and on, but it’s all in vain if you’re not hoisting the Lombardi Trophy at the end of the season. At age 37 Manning had his best season to date, dazzling fans all season long racking up more points with his offense than any other team before him and even walked away with his fifth league MVP award. Yes, they scored a ton of points and won a lot of games, but does it really mean anything for a man who’s done it all? Manning knew he needed one more Lombardi Trophy to cement his legacy; he had the best supporting cast he’s ever had and he still couldn’t get it done.


Sports-Kings Down and Distance Columnist – Luke Willis

40 Iconic Moments In Football

Here at Sports Kings we went brainstorming in the past and present for the best iconic moments in football. Our goal is to feature players who have wowed us with their signature move that fans all over have talked about, mimic, or can tell you where they were when the incident happened. We will use Terrell Davis for example. Do you remember the Mile High Salute? Well if you were a Denver Broncos’ fan or hater you saw it plenty during their Super Bowl run in the late ’90s. The Mile High Salute indicated the Broncos way of celebrating one of their many touchdowns.  There are 40 iconic moments that were chosen, they are not in any particular order.

40. Terrell Davis Mile High Salute


39. Ickey Woods “The Ickey Shuffle”

Ickey wasn’t in the league very long but he did make an impact when he reached the end zone.  Woods touchdown dance became hip hop!

38. Michael Irvin’s First down Salute

I can’t remember who was the first to celebrate a first down but you knew when it was 3rd and 9, Troy Aikman was going to hit Irvin with that ten yard slant. First and ten Cowboys!


37. Walter Payton’s Bulldozing Over Defenders & Jumping Over the Top Of The Pile.

Sweetness, now that’s funny, Walter Payton was everything but SWEET!  He was probably pound for pound the most physical mixed with athletic running back the game had ever seen.

36. T.O SMH! The Star, Popcorn, Sharpie, Pom Pom

Terrell Owens brought WWF to football.  Since the NFL only marketed the great Peyton Manning, Terrell promoted himself better than anyone else.  Besides know one loves T.O more than T.O!

35. Shawn Merriman’s Lights Out Dance

Shawn Merriman perfected the Mark Gastineau sack dance representing the Charger’s bolt.  Just when he made his nitch as a sack master father time set in soon after.

34. Peyton Manning’s Cadence

I always got tickled when Peyton barked out his cadence.  You would see defenses change their call, for what?  We all know Peyton is throwing the ball!  Nevertheless, Peyton hike the ball please!

33. Deion “Prime Time” Sanders Showboating

Prime Time, Prime Time, Prime Time! Did anyone have more swag than #21.  You knew if you Deion was at corner then his whole side of the field was covered.

32. The Eddie Lacy’s Spin Move

Eddie Lacy is probably the only back in history that enjoyed the spin move drill in practice.  Lacy’s looks like a human pinball machine.

31. Bo Jackson’s 91 Yard Touchdown vs Seattle Seahawks

Damn you Bo, how could you be the one to end Brian Bosworth’s football career!  Hmmm, just think Bo was one time a marketing machine.  I wonder who’s our Bo Jackson today?

30. The Mack Brown’s Clap!

If you are a Texas Longhorn fan shouldn’t we be clapping at Mack Brown’s resignation?  After losing out on RGIII, Andrew Luck, Johnny Manziel, and Jameis Winston.  Job well done Mack!


29. 1993 Buffalo Bills Greatest Comeback Against Houston Oilers

Houston Oilers up 35-3 and Buffalo Bills are without Jim Kelly at the helm.  Here comes backup quarterback, Frank Reich with a second half surge throwing for 21 of 34 pass completions for 289 yards and 4 touchdowns, with 1 interception.

28. Desmond Howard’s Heisman Pose

Desmond probably got the Heisman for the simple fact he posed better than the Heisman himself!


27. Jim Mora “Playoffs?”

Don’t you just love meltdowns, does anyone even remember if they ever won a again?

26. John Elway’s Helicopter Run

Of all the highlights John Elway has been a part of, his helicopter run signifies a Super Bowl victory.

25. Robert Brooks’ Lambeau Leap

I’m sure there were many of Packers before Brooks that leaped into the land of Cheese heads but I can’t think of one that did it before Brooks.  I’m sure some Packer historian can tell me who was the first.

24. Cam Newton’s “Superman”

Is Cam really Superman?  Not only does he have a S on his chest.  He now wears Superman socks now.  Thank the Lord he’s winning football games now.

Carolina Panthers v Washington Redskins

23. Franco Harris’ Immaculate Reception

All I can say is in the right place at the right time but what was the big deal, they lost to the undefeated Miami Dolphins a week later.

22. Jamal Anderson’s “The Dirty Bird”

What was once the Bird by Morris Day and the Time.  Then comes Jamal Anderson with his touchdown celebration and it was a little bit on the dirty side.

21. Dennis Green’s “Meltdown!”

Yep, I agree Dennis your Cardinals did let the Bears off the hook, epic but not quite the greatest meltdown.

20. Jim McMahon’s Headband

You had to love Jim McMahon being onry, he was the bad boy of sports.  Without Jim McMahon pushing buttons you may not have a T.O or a Chad Johnson.


19. Michael Strahan’s Sack Record

So who really cheapen this sack record, Brett Favre or Michael Strahan.  I guess if you are going to give it to me, I have to take it, right?

18. Eric Dickerson’s Goggles & Neck Brace

For those who don’t know what Eric hairdo was back in the day was, it was the Jheri Curl.  The Curl also signified coolness to go along with the goggles and neck brace.  Everything Dickerson did was cool, heck he even ran cool!

Eric-Dickerson-Goggles-217. Dwight Clark “The Catch against the Cowboys”

That catch ended the Cowboy reign in the NFC and started a dynasty for the 49ers.  Is that when the two-minute drill all started.  Joe Montana to Dwight Clark!


16. Lynn Swann’s Circus Catch

I guess its pick on Cowboys day!  Yes its Lynn Swann and one of his epic Super Bowl catches.  Okay it was spectacular!

15. Mike Singletary’s “Intense Eyes”

Is it me or did running backs just fall down after the Singletary stare at them?


14. Jerry Jones On The Sidelines

No one complained when the Cowboys were winning but heck that was 16 years ago!  Then again if my team was worth close to 2 billion dollars I would be on the sidelines too!


13. Tony Dorsett’s 99 yard touchdown run

This happen on Monday Night Football January 3, 1983.  This record will always be intact, it can only be tied.

12. Tom Brady’s “Tuck Rule”

This play started all this Patriot Dynasty BS!  Of all teams getting screwed, DA RAIDERS!  Between the Tuck Rule and Spygate……… Equals a New England Patriot Dynasty.  Spygate wasn’t included but probably should have.

11. David Tyree’s Super Bowl Catch

David Tyree should have been given a second Super Bowl ring for this catch.  One from the NY Giants and a second one from the ’72 Miami Dolphins.  His catch led to winning catch by Plaxico Burruss.   He kept New England from the perfect season of 19 – 0.  Heck no love afterwards, Tyree didn’t make the squad the following season.


10. “Steve Tasker’s Hustle Play “Super Bowl XXVII” “Leon Lett”

Oh Leon, if only people knew how dominant of a defensive tackle you were, but blunders like this and who could forget the Thanksgiving Day when you touched that blocked kick!

9. Keyshawn Johnson’s “Give Me The Damn Ball”

Perfect title for a starving wide receiver.  Funny how Wayne Chrebet was getting the ball instead!


8. Kordell Stewart’s Hail Mary Throw To Michael Westbrook

It was Kordell’s only highlight of his football career.  As for Michael Westbrook, I can only remember him giving his former Redskins teammate Stephen Davis a can of whoop a$$!

7. Pat Summerall & John Madden

The pair was a very entertaining.  Pat Summerall’s voice, I can hear it now giving True Value Hardware some love and Madden, I can vision him drawing plays on the tv monitor.


6. Mike Gundy’s “I’m A Man I’m 40!”

Thank God for 40, I’m finally a MAN!

5. Chicago Bears “Super Bowl Shuffle”

The big bad Bears pulled this one-off, I remember having to do this same bit in choir back in junior high school.  They came, saw and kicked a$$ while doing the shuffle.

4.  Herm Edwards “You play to win the game!”

The best meltdown to this point, who has more charisma than Herm Edwards?  Great motivator, like him even more on ESPN

3. “The Drive” Denver vs. Cleveland

The Drive was only the start.  It wasn’t the Cleveland Browns that was haunted by John Elway.  It was Marty Schottenheimer who was being tormented.  After Marty left Cleveland for Kansas City, Elway picked on him for another decade in KC.

2. Joe Namath’s Super Bowl guarantee

Namath’s Super Bowl guarantee gave the American Football Conference some legitimacy.  Don’t hear too many bold predictions anymore.


1. 1972 Miami Dolphins Undefeated Season 17 – 0

I guess we can continue to watch these old geezers pop open champagne year after year.  I don’t think anyone is going perfect anytime soon despite the league being watered down a bit.


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PHOTO: Sneak peek of Ravens’ Super Bowl rings

The Baltimore Ravens will collect their Super Bowl rings today. Want to know what they’ll look like? Check out the image below, leaked onto the internet via Sports With Coleman’s Twitter account. The ring features two Lombardi trophies, signifying the Ravens’ two Super Bowl Championships (2000 and 2012), the team’s logo, and enough diamonds that, if sold, could probably feed a small African country for an entire year or two.

BR SB ring

Former Raven rips Ray Lewis

If you look back on the Baltimore Ravens’ magical run through the playoffs that was capped off by winning the Super Bowl, one thing stands out: the Ravens rallying around their emotional leader Ray Lewis and elevating their play in beating Denver, New England, and finally San Francisco en route to hoisting the Lombardi Trophy. No one can deny Lewis’ significance to the Ravens season,  yet one former teammate of Lewis isn’t giving him any love for the win. 


Ex Raven defensive end Trevor Pryce sounded off about Lewis, saying he was nervous among other things:

“Half of his playoff check should go to Dannell Ellerbe for making that last play on that last fade route. The other half to Greg Roman, the 49ers offensive coordinator.”

Pryce then continued roasting Ray:

“He had it bad; he didn’t look like himself, even his new self. Forget his old self, that guy’s gone, that guy’s named Patrick Willis. “But even the guy he was (in the AFC Championship Game), he wasn’t that guy. He had a case of it bad, badly. It was almost like he was just hoping let’s get this over with.”

I guess Pryce has a point. Lewis looked pretty awful at times, most notably when trying to cover Niners TE Vernon Davis and being sidestepped by Frank Gore when he had a clean shot at him. But, as I alluded to earlier, Ray Lewis’ biggest contribution was being the guy the team rallied around as an underdog to take a title back to Baltimore. Lewis has made enough plays in his career on the field, so I see it fitting that it ended with a Super Bowl win on a team where he was the unquestioned leader on and off the field.



Superdome officials foresaw possible power outage

While the power outage during Sunday’s Super Bowl created a flare of drama to a game already filled with story lines, reports have surfaced that Superdome officials  warned that an outage was possible months before the game. Some equipment was even quickly replaced prior to the Super Bowl.

While the cause for the 34 minute power outage is still unknown, fans and spectators weren’t deterred. The Ravens 34-31 victory over the 49ers is now the third most watched program in the history of television. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell as well as Superdome officials are confident that this incident will not hinder the Superdome from hosting future championship games.


From Yahoo Sports:

To New Orleans’ relief, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said the city did a ”terrific” job hosting its first pro football championship in the post-Katrina era.

”I fully expect that we will be back here for Super Bowls,” he said, noting a backup power system was poised to kick in but wasn’t needed once the lights came back.

A memo dated October 15th found that several pieces of electrical equipment that power the Superdome were consistent with a chance of failure, however no more electricity was used Sunday than is used during a regular Saints game. Beyonce, who rocked the house during halftime, brought her own generator. The cause isn’t expected to be found for a few more days, but I think we should all be happy that fans and officials handled the problem well to avoid potential catastrophes.

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