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Tampa Bay Buccaneers Fire Raheem Morris

  • Jason Whitney

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have fired head coach Raheem Morris. This move was expected as the Buccaneers have struggled mightily the last several weeks. Raheem had been head coach since 2009

After a promising 4-2 start with high expectations, the Buccaneers floundered and lost their last 10 games. It didn’t look good that several reports were to have said Morris lost the lockeroom during their losing skid.

In fact, it is also rumored that Bucs ticket sales would have had a negative effect had the Buccaneers brought back Raheem Morris.

Morris is already the second head coach fired on what many people have come to known as, “Black Monday” around the NFL.


-Senior Writer: Jason Whitney

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7 Responses to Tampa Bay Buccaneers Fire Raheem Morris

  • That’s too bad considering the year he had in 2010 when the Bucs came out of nowhere on the coattails of Josh Freeman’s breakout year. However, you can’t follow that up with a dud and expect the front office to be accepting. Especially since, Freeman took a huge step backwards in the process…

    • Recommend the bucs get rob ryan defense co-ordinator dallas cowboys for bucs next head coach–

      • Really? I think the Ryans are great coordinators, but aren’t cut out for head coaching positions…

        • Rob Ryan is not even that great of a defensive coordinator. He’s riding his father’s coat-tails and the Ryan name, but it’s quite clear the Cowboys defense regressed as the year moved on. As for head coaching, The Jets and Sexy Rexy had a few lucky and fluky things happen in their playoff run the previous two years, and this season we all saw the real Jets. Unfortunately for Rex, being a media-darling and using fiery rhetoric doesn’t equal wins.

          • Rob Ryan didn’t have a bunch of talent to work with in Dallas Jim outside of Ware. He actually had the defense playing at a high mark. He at times had the Browns defense playing good as well. Rob wasn’t taking over the 86′ Bears D in terms of talent. Again you don’t like them so you let your biasness come into play

            Also Jim contradicts himself again with the Rex had a few “lucky, and fluky things” when you are the BIGGEST advocate of saying there isn’t luck and fluky things in football. I say that about anything Steeler related and you totally dismiss it, but now you use that as an excuse for the Jets defense playing well the last 3 years?

            Kraft you are absolutely correct imo that the Ryans are good coordinators. Rex had Baltimore and the Jets at top 5 defenses most of his tenure. Rob really hasn’t taken over a team where he had a plethora of talent. I don’t want to say “great” because Rob really hasn’t done anything with any team to warrant that, but Rex certainly has.

            You’ll notice soon enough Skip Racalto has a biasness that forms the theme of most of his arguments and assertions


  • Lol, right. I agreed with the Jets getting lucky a long time ago, I believe it was on one of our podcasts, and now we are seeing what they really are. I never said fluky things don’t happen, I just didn’t think it was fair of you to say the Bills were nothing but luck when they were 5-2. And stop saying I have a bias, I don’t mind Dallas themselves, the only thing I don’t like about the Ryan’s is their mouths. They talk entirely too much for coaching/coordinating mediocre teams. If he knows his defense isn’t that talented, then he should just coach the team and shut his mouth, not worry about Rex losing to Tebow or telling people the Eagles are all hype before those same Eagles beat his defense for 34 points. Don’t even get me going on Rex Ryan we all see where his mouth got him, and that was nearly being KO’ed by Brandon Jacobs. I wouldn’t hold a “bias” as you call it if they didn’t talk like their teams are in the playoffs. Good coaches keep their mouths shut and get the job done. They’re not as good as they make themselves out to be, and that’s my only problem with them.

    • Wait let me get this right. You don’t think it was fair to say the Bills, who had KC lose two of it’s best players in the first game, Oakland choke away a 21 pt lead and a dropped INT that would have ended the game amongst a million other things go fluky and wrong, then a Brady 4 INT game fluky and lucky, but it’s ok to call the Jets who made back-to-back AFC championship appearances lucky and fluky? The phily game was ended on a fluky INT by the Bills to!!!!

      And Jim anyone who knows you, knows of your biasness. You get called out on it by readers every Steeler article you do! And you say you have a problem with the Ryan’s poppin’ off with their mouth when the Steelers talk crap all the time. Further more if you have all of these reservations about how you should shut your mouth get the job done, then you would of made that clear in the case of Stevie Johnson who routinely gets flagged for dumb unsportsmanlike conduct penalties doing touchdown dances while his team finishes with another great 6 win record! Not to mention the dropped passes. The tweets about how God made him drop the ball- which I’m pretty positive you posted a tweet about last year!

      Also most people beleive Tebow sucks and talk crap about him. I mean you went to post a Steeler youtube thing on a Tebow/Bronco fan page! What’s that say about your own antics? Not very sportsman like if you ask me.

      You don’t like Rex Ryan because he beat the Steelers last year. Say what you want, Rex has always had his defenses in the elite. Rob has had Oaklands, Clevelands, and Dallas defenses. I’d love to see what other coaches would have made them into top 5 D’s! Who cares if he talks, that’s what they do, that’s how they get their team pumped up. The Celtics do it all the effing time and we never see you say anything about that?? yer wrong lad

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