Tarvaris Jackson might be on his way out of Seattle

A three-man quarterback competition seems a bit rare in the NFL, especially considering how many stud quarterbacks are in the league today.

But this is what we had with the Seattle Seahawks. The team has tried to make Tarvaris Jackson the starter last season, and that wasn’t so great. Additionally, they went out and signed former Packers backup Matt Flynn and drafted Russell Wilson.

However, Tarvaris Jackson never quite worked out. He threw 14 touchdowns in 15 games last season, and added 13 interceptions and 5 lost fumbles. On top of that, he never really proved anything in limited play as a Minnesota Viking.

It seems like the end might finally be near for him in Seattle.

Matt Flynn and Russell Wilson clearly look to have a big advantage in the competition. Not to mention, head coach Pete Carroll has said that Tarvaris Jackson will not play in their upcoming preseason game. And this isn’t the type of situation where a team sits it’s starting quarterback for rest or out of fear of injury. It looks more like a sign that Jackson is out of the running.

In free agency, Matt Flynn was a hot item despite being a career backup. It would be strange to bring him into town given his contract to sit behind Tarvaris Jackson.

Russell Wilson had a storied college run, and the team invested a third round pick on him in this year’s draft.

It’s easy to speculate that the team wouldn’t keep Tarvaris Jackson on the roster to be a third-string pick behind two guys that they really like.

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