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Terrell Owens to appear on “Dr. Phil” over child-support accusations

  • Arun Morace

Former NFL star Terrell Owens, who has been accused in court documents of owing $20,000 in child-support payments, will be facing the public in an attempt to defend himself.

Owens — who has four children (sons Terique and Atlin, daughters Kylee and Dasha) with three different women — will appear on the “Dr. Phil” show Tuesday, according to USA Today.

The show’s host, Phil McGraw, told the CBS Morning Show that “he (Owens) says he wants to set the record straight. He wants to tell people he’s not the person the media has depicted him of being.”

Owens has always loved the spotlight, so it will be interesting to see what he has to say in his defense.

By Arun Morace. 

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52 Responses to Terrell Owens to appear on “Dr. Phil” over child-support accusations

  • Oh I just cant wait to watch Dr Phil. The wisdom he will give to poor TO. When are these studs going to realize that when you play, you pay. Or go to jail. I hope he doesn’t pay. Id love to see him rot in jail. Im so sick of looking at his ugly face and big mouth. Someone shut him up and make him go away. Please. Oh I was only kidding about watching this Dr Phil. But I wont be able to. I have a job.

    • Apparently your job doesnt pay enough for you to afford DVR service!

    • Happy to hear that you a great life with no problems God Bless you too !!

    • On judgement day,you will be judged with the same measures as you feel for T.O.

    • Poor TO! When will he learn about this world and most of the people who inhabit it — especially the glory hungry ones like “Dr” Phil? The guy knows how some people love to dislike personalities like TO, and he’s not going to do anything to help TO: He will not risk his ratings for someone people love to hate.

      I’m sure, if I were to offer my services to TO, he would turn down the offer. The irony is: I like him very much and can do a great deal more to improve his image than the quack psychologist that masquerades on TV! Sports stars like TO don’t know the difference, and are caught up with the apparent publicity that TV personalities offer.

      Only hope TO ca deal with the backlash that might come from his appearance on the show. I don’t think a pop psychologist has the intellectual resources to offset possible problems.

    • Stop being a hater, you only wish you could be like him. Lol!!

    • Why would you want to see anyone rot in jail?

    • T.O has problems Just like the next man.He should have protected himself because some women only want money they hang around guys like T.O just for a payday it’s a D.. shame but that’s how some people make money. They have children just for a payday and it is something very wrong with that. Women are not stupid the men are for going After women like that. they both have a responsibility to protect them self not only from having children that they cannot take care of but from sexual transmitted diseases. So you must hold the women and guys like T.O responsible for their actions.

    • …and why the hell would you like to see a future Hall of Famer go to jail. you idiots throw that “jail” word around so easily. but i’m quite sure that a 6’3″ 240 pound pro football player can hold his own in the county lock-up for two or three hours. how about we lock your ass up for sending in your rent, mortgage, car payment or credit card payments in late, lets see how long your out of shape ass last in jail. stop sounding so primitive, no one needs to go to jail. this tactic often used by rich Black athletes/people to keep broke BITCHES like you and them other HOES out of their pockets/business, because broke hoes like you are so eager to hear that a “Rich Black” entertainer is broke, you will keep the lie going until the rest of the public beleives it also. T.O. says thanks you “Stupid Fuck”!!

    • and why would you want to see a future Hall Of Famer go to jail. you idiots seem to through that word jail around so easily.

    • Dr. Phil has no wisdom to give anyone; the man is A NUT ; ALL HE KNOW is it os what it is; T.O. should not appear on his show , if you can call it a show!

    • Maybe TO and DR Phil will get into a fist-fight!

  • He is just another loud mouth thug who didn’t know how to handle fame and fortune.You need 4 children by 3 women.Have you ever heard about condom?.What are you trying to prove?.Such a low life.Spend lavishly on yourself but couldn’t pay child support.These women should also have some pride.

    • What exactly makes him a Thug, I do t think he is a criminal and wanted by the law.

    • @Anonymous, what makes him a thug? I’m sick of people who make back door racial comments.He’s a man who fell on hard times like any other man who’s unable to support his family when times get tough. Apparently he was paying up until he lost his job….Forget about the player concentrate on the person…

    • Tom….i can tell you’re a hater, you’re poor aren’t you?

      • Nice try,Bizzy.There are many athletes like Duncan and David Robinson in this world whom I admire.But people like TO brings shame to Sports.I guess you don’t read news.Just google and see the history of TO and his character.He got so many chances.If I criticize someone then I am a hater and poor according to you.Sorry to dissapoint you. I am an Engineer and work for a great company and not even close to become poor.I guess you are a TO groupee.

  • We need to stop worrying about the lives of the rich and famous and worry about our own problems, families, and lives. I am sure TO knows how to stop a woman from having a baby.

  • Ya know, I kind of miss T.O. They say art imitates life nd living in Dallaas for 25 years certainly confirmed that homily. Wannabe, arrogant and just plain stupid pretty much sums up the pissy city of Dal ass!

  • Boy this guy must need money bad. To humilate himself by going on that show. WOW.

  • Get real, these women try and trap these guys so they can draw a paycheck for 18 years. Time to change the laws.

    • If it’s a well known fact that these women try and trap blah blah blah like you say, then why do these idiots keep falling for the so called trap? Makes no sense on their part and your post

      • What he said DOES make sense! Total sense! Women see fortune and fame and jump in bed with someone like T.O. fast hoping to get pregnant so they can take him to the cleaners! Come on now… 3 different women?

        What really angers me is if you walk away from the FAME stage women are treated like a victim and men(even good ones) are treated like a dead beat dad! Our Laws need to change drastically! Meaning, Those guys who ARE dead beats need to be dealt with! But those guys who are willing to help support their kids and be in their lives should not be able to be taken to court by a women who leaves them for IRRec Differences and squeezed for everything they have so the woman can raise a child WITHOUT WORKING on her husband she left for NOTHING! And believe me, most women leave because their husband was the same person he was when they met and she couldnt change him like she thought she could!

        • Sorry, but if TO has a brain, then he knows that there are gold-diggers out there just itching to latch on to him and bleed him dry. He isn’t the first to have this happen to him. Previous stars have been raked over the coals by these women and should have been prime examples for future players not to let this happen to them. COMMON SENSE. If you really want to protect your assets then practice safe sex. If you throw caution to the wind, then you reap what you sow!

  • Don’t these guy’s & women know about condoms. Besides the female getting pregnant there are health risks that are life threatening. I say both parties are extremely dumb.

  • Ladies, this is a perfect example of what #GHEFOS is. He is definitely full of it. Made all that cash and can’t come up with 20g. Wow. Now for the women, they are definitely #SHEFOS. They are still chasing “balls” of the rich and famous athelete….

  • See the new word for T.O. on youtube. Look up ghefos…

  • Those women will use T.O. like a punching bag. And T.O. will just have to sit there and take it. The show will be a Ho Hummer….BORING! Can’t understand why Owens sets himself up for shows like this. It must because it’s to feed his insatenable thurst for the limelight. With all the money he’s made you’d think he would just pay those broads and be done with it. Must be a hobby of his. ‘Love’em, Leave’m and saddle’m with his namesake!’

  • I read with humor ALL of the posters who are putting the blame of the babies on TO….As a woman, I find it appalling that he has such terrible taste in women – BUT, do you really think that these pregnancies were accidental? wow.

    These chicks see their children as a paycheck – a big, fat nice paycheck.

    Yes, he should have worn a condom OR better yet, picked a decent normal woman who is not just after the money.

    He SHOULD go back to court and get these payments reduced – he no longer plays in the NFL and shouldn’t be paying ridiculously high child support payments.

    I think that the whole child support system needs to be overhauled. The excess money (HALF of the house payment, etc. after the child is school age) should be put into a trust fund for the child that NEITHER parent has access to without a court order.

    For those TO bashers, what exactly has he ever done? Did he kill people like someone on the Ravens, did he do drugs, did he rape women – what did he do except get into arguments with the media and a prima donna QB?

    Absolutely nothing.

  • Pathetic, don’t you knuckleheads get it? For a guy with the money he has made, 20k in CS is like a couple months. These #()S know for a fact that they can trap a man for 18 years of high dollar payments. And how does sending him to prison, where he can’t earn anything, help his kids genius? You’re morons, shutup. I can’t wait for men to take back the courts, you feminized knuckleheads can’t handle justice, the economy, or education outside of a claptrap talk shw. You suck!

    And Phil, really Phil, bet he can’t wait to get his ratings back up demolishing another man, a high profile man no less, and give these worthless chicas who pay his paycheck a free pass. He is a lame feminist mangina, screw him!

  • What’s really boring is how you people worry so much about how another man lives his life. Did it cost you many thing by TO’s actions. Get over it and live and let live. Stop hating on the next man.

  • I think what most of you fail to realize is that these woman are being paid….they are just not getting the $$$$$ they are asking for.
    I bet I could retire on what he is paying on child support now. There is NO reason these kids need GUCCI diapers!!! And that real talk!!!

  • Just another black baby daddy that does know how or believe in being a father.

    • What’s amazing to me is all of you who sit here and let your racist rants come out as you hide behind fake names. Judge not! Because your time is coming to be judged. And by the way; TO’s financial guy ran off with tons of his money. So far the legal system can’t find the guy. Not make excuses for T O, bit that’s what happened to all his money. Look it up!

    • Feed up…there are alot of boys that owe child support, and they are not all black. That is a racist comment and you should keep it to yourself.

  • It’s so unfortunate that most women will do anything to get you to carry their babies all for the sake of money. Most of the times, there is absolutely no love involved in the so called pregnancy or baby rearing/caring.
    Don’t forget that most of these athletes are not tight upstairs. Sex is the first and foremost thing when they encounter women. The poor women want financial security and nothing about love.
    In a nutshell, let some of these idiotic women pay or share the responsibility for these woes of these stupid athletes, like TO.

  • “In a nutshell, let some of these idiotic women pay or share the responsibility for these woes of these stupid athletes, like TO.”

    No, better yet, let men have the right to walk away from a pregnancy, if it matters so much to the women, she will do whatever it takesto care for that kid right? Naturally heroic single moms ahoy!

    You know what, if you can abort without my consent, I should be able to leave without yours chica My body, MY CHOICE.” Now go make me a sandwhich!

  • “In a nutshell, let some of these idiotic women pay or share the responsibility for these woes of these stupid athletes, like TO.”

    No, better yet, let men have the right to walk away from a pregnancy, if it matters so much to the women, she will do whatever it takesto care for that kid right? Naturally heroic single moms ahoy!

    You know what, if you can abort without my consent, I should be able to leave without yours chica My body, MY CHOICE.” Now go make me a sandwhich!

  • What happen to T.O. is no big deal , the Justice system put us in
    jail everyday,So if Dr. Phil want to really the common cause help
    little guy,s like me,get my suspended, License back,Because the
    Friend of court, tell lie,s child support ,when it really spousal,s And get away with its.

  • T.O. was good but H.O.F. no. he has to face up to life. If he did not pay he is like a lot of men. FACE UP TO IT AND DO THE RIGHT THING

  • @phil

    How the heck wold you know? What, you have T.O. on speed dial? Or his exes? I don’t care about T.O., but I am willing to bet that his exes are suing him for as much money as they can get, knowing full well the divorce industry, I mean family court, will give it to them, because they get free tax incentives for CS collection. Wake up, or better yet just don’t speak!

  • I agree with most comments. What I don’t agree with is the insinuation that athletes are dumb. Street wise may be not, they are naive, but book wise, over 70 percent are smarter than an average joe and that is why they chose sports to have a good life and not talent alone.
    Stop downing athletes, it shows extreme envy.

  • It is so sad to see how people love the demise of fall of others. TO is a very confused person, just as many people in this world. People are very judgmental and act as if everyone except them has “issues”. The only difference between the common man/woman and entertainers or sport entertainers is they have the spotlight and most of them have made more money in a few months than most people will ever make in a lifetime, so it makes it easy for the common man/woman to speak bad of them maybe because of jealously or envy. My suggestions is make sure you are taking care of your responsibilities and being the best person you can be and instead of taking the opportunity to publically bash someone else just make sure you’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing.

  • a dvr is box that you could record shows and stuff you guys are weenie should off just say what it was they might off had it and not even know it >>>>This generation sucks no respect

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