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Texans teammate gives Ed Reed hilarious birthday present

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Man, its tough getting old. Your back starts to creak, and you just can’t get around like you used to. Also, you go from being one of the most feared safeties in the NFL to a punchline. That’s what happened to Ed Reed, the longtime Baltimore Raven safety, now playing for the Houston Texans. Okay, so maybe he’s not a punchline, but his teammates decided to have a little fun with the newly 35 year old safety by getting him a walker for his birthday.

Update: A photo has emerged of the walker, and it doesn’t disappoint. Courtesy of Yahoo! Sports:

The culprit was fellow safety Danieal Manning, who is not exactly a young whippersnapper at the tender age of 31. ESPN has the details:

An oversized birthday present waited at Ed Reed‘s locker this afternoon.

ReedFellow safety Danieal Manning gave him a walker.

“That and some hair dye and he’ll be good,” inside linebacker Brian Cushing said.

Reed, who just turned 35, also got another less hilarious but very sweet gift from the rest of the Houston defensive backs: a birthday cake in the shape of a Hall of Fame jacket.

The last sentence of that blurb shows the respect Reed still commands, all jokes aside. Hopefully Reed can actually get on the field for the Texans, currently nursing an injury and is still considered day-to-day.


By: Frank Santos- Sports-Kings Co-Founder

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