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You Should be Using an NFL Lineup Optimizer in Your Daily Fantasy Gameplay

  • Jason Whitney

There are many differences between season-long fantasy football tournaments and daily fantasy tournaments. You could be a pro at season long play, but a big ole failure at daily fantasy tournaments. Daily fantasy requires greater skill than season long play, and you absolutely must be able to setup a successful lineup.

So, how do you build a better strategy when drafting your football players? You use an NFL lineup optimizer, which helps you determine which positions would best benefit your daily fantasy tournaments. No tool is more useful. It’s capable of mixing and matching the best players, and it provides analytical data about the different positions and risk involved in selecting certain players. Use the data in your lineup optimizer to make more informed decisions, and thus gain a competitive edge.

What exactly is an NFL lineup optimizer?

An NFL lineup optimizer is a sophisticated tool capable of creating better lineups. It works incredibly fast, and is fully optimized to give you the best chance at winning. Basically the lineup optimizer crunches data, such as scoring systems and player stats, to create projections. It updates regularly, so you always have the most up-to-date player information in order to create a winning lineup.

Using the lineup optimizer to build a winning strategy

The great thing about a lineup optimizer is that it can be retooled to exclude or include specific players. If there’s a player you have insider knowledge about, such as an injury-type circumstance, you can exclude that specific player and your optimized lineup will not include him. Or, if you truly believe in a player, you can lock that player into your lineup. Optimization will include new players, and the player(s) you specifically included.

How to choose a lineup optimizer

There are a lot of lineup optimizer options on the web, and most are free of charge. A free lineup optimizer works well, but a paid subscription allows you to view an entire history of betting picks and how well they worked in prior weeks.

Look to a third-party, separate from the major daily fantasy sites (Draft Kings, Fan Duel, etc.), and choose an unaffiliated lineup optimizer. This is going to ensure that the daily fantasy gameplay sites aren’t watching the methods you’re using to win, and thus changing their system’s algorithm to work against winning players.  

Daily Fantasy Café offers an NFL lineup optimizer, and it can be used to improve your daily fantasy game. The algorithm is sophisticated, and the optimizer works quickly to create a winning strategy for your daily fantasy game. Plus, the site isn’t affiliated with other daily fantasy gameplay sites, outside of offering 100 percent bonuses to third-party daily fantasy sites.  

Performance and expectations

Lineup optimizers are great, especially for newbies, but they’re not a fail-safe. It’s important to have realistic expectations when you’re playing daily fantasy. You’re probably not going to win every single tournament you participate in, but your odds of winning are better with sophisticated tools in your arsenal.

The bottom line

If the pros use an NFL lineup optimizer, so why aren’t you? Some daily fantasy players have turned their commitment to the game into a full time job. Daily fantasy winner Drew Dinkmeyer estimates that players with the most skill with win 70 percent more than unskilled players, so work on your skills and you’ll surely go far. 


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