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The five most disappointing NFL teams after Week 1

  • Andy Flint
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Here is the part of the season where many NFL fans overreact, and begin to either act like their respective team is going to the Superbowl, or going 0-16. It’s this sick human condition that we just can’t (as a whole) seem to control. We either piss and moan during the games, myself being one of the biggest culprits, or we act like our team is dropping 60 points on the 1976 Pittsburgh Steelers.

The fact is, it’s a long season. Your team can start off hot and fizzle down the stretch. Just ask Buffalo Bills’ fans. The same can be said about slow starts. Look, it’s the NFL, your team doesn’t need to win 14 games in order to secure a trip to the Superbowl. Remember when the New York Giants seemed to limp into the 2011 playoffs, with a 9-7 record, and managed to win it all?

So, in the spirit of overreacting, here are my 5 most disappointing NFL teams after week 1.

5: Tampa Bay Buccaneers


Look, I hate to bag on a team like the Bucs, because frankly, I don’t expect a whole heck of a lot out of them… but, to lose to the Jets after they dealt you their best player is something I can’t let this squad just slide on. Josh Freeman continues to look average, and Doug Martin seemed to struggle running the ball against an inferior Jets’ defense. 65 yards and a rushing touchdown may not look too shabby in the box score, but the fact that Muscle Hamster only managed 2.7 yards per carry has to be a concern for Gregor Schiano.

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