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The Green Bay Packers Achieves Flexibility Despite Massive Aaron Rodgers Contract Extension

  • Jason Whitney

Green Bay still has cap flexibility despite the huge contract of Aaron Rodgers

The NFL has always been a numbers game. Aaron Rodgers knows that, and the Green Bay Packers know that. This is why it was so important for the two sides to come to an agreement on a contract extension that not only paid Rodgers his value, but also allowed the team to build around him.

With the new contract, the Packers will never have more than $21.1 million count against them with the salary cap. Many other elite quarterbacks have at least a year or two in which they go above $25 million. Joe Flacco, who was the most recent quarterback to sign a mega deal, will count for $28.6 million and $31.2 million in 2015 and 2016, respectively.

Obviously, the biggest benefit of this type of deal for Rodgers is that he still gets paid ($35 million in signing bonus money, plus guaranteed money leftover from his last deal) while the Packers have money to spend. Rodgers knows that a great quarterback can’t do it alone, so structuring his deal in this way will make him look better, and should also enhance his already huge fantasy football value

The Packers have a number of decisions to make on players, including possible extensions for BJ Raji or Sam Shields, or a possible new deal for James Jones to keep the receiver in town. Having Rodgers locked up for seven years also will make them a more desirable free agent destination, especially for a veteran looking for a shot at a title.

Green Bay and Aaron Rodgers have been working together to get this deal done for a while, and now that it is completed, both sides appear to be happy. Sure, it is a huge financial investment, but for arguably the top quarterback in the NFL, this was a deal that had to be done for the team to move forward.

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