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The LowDown: Aaron Hernandez, Dwight Howard, Patrice Bergeron and more!

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This is my inaugural Sports-Kings Lowdown for the site, where we browse across the web, and give you all of the entertaining, and wacky things that go on in the sports world. I hope you enjoy!

 You think you’re having a bad day? Well, at least you’re not Aaron Hernandez… no really, at least you’re not Aaron HernandezNO REALLY, AT LEAST YOU’RE NOT AARON HERNANDEZ.

Also, you think you’re tough? You ain’t no Patrice Bergeron. No really, you’re not.

Bruins fans seem to be handling their Stanley Cup defeat with dignity, but not nearly as well as Jonathan Toews and the Chicago Blackhawks are celebrating victory.

Lakers may be getting the feeling that Dwight Howard is being charmed by the Houston Rockets, so why not just be public with your complete desperation?

It was nice of Brian Cashman to speak publicly on behalf of every Yankees fan about Alex Rodriguez.

Now it’s time for the Lowdown lady of the day. You’re welcome in advance. Since it’s my first time, I think it’s only fair to introduce you to my better half: Mila Kunis… she just doesn’t know it yet.

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I leave you with one of my passions. For those of you who love hip-hop, and miss the lyricism that used to exist, I highly recommend battle rap. Here is one of my favorite battles, JC vs. Chilla Jones:

By: Frank Santos- Sports-Kings Co-Founder/Pass the Pill Manager


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