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The LowDown: Bill Simmons, Chris Paul, Dwight Howard, MLB suspensions, Evander Kane, and much more!

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Look at that face. (Credit: Fansided)

Greetings sports freaks! Welcome to The LowDown for Friday, June 14, in the year 2013. As usual, there’s been plenty of hot stories and juicy news across the sports world today. Check out all the headlines below!

Bill Simmons was unhappy about ESPN editing a joke he made about Dwyane Wade, and let them know via Twitter. Seriously, I think Billy can do what he wants, when he wants. (Sports-Kings)

The NBA’s best teammate, Dwight Howard, is reportedly interesting in playing with Chris Paul. Hey, someone has to challenge Miami, right? CP3 should take note that Dwight Howard has been a circus lately, and he could just become another clown in that circus. (Gamedayr)

More news about the MLB brawl that won’t go away, as suspensions were handed down to Diamondbacks and Dodgers players who took part in Tuesday’s royal rumble. (The Outside Corner)

Winnipeg Jets stud Evander Kane tweeted the thoughts of most of the sports fan population when he called Chris Bosh a fairy. He is also of reptilian descent. (Bloguin)

Jets coach Rex Ryan continued his pattern of off season horn tooting, calling himself a hell of a coach. You’re decent, Rex, but overrated just like your brother Rob. (Down and Distance)

Brett Favre thinks Aaron Rodgers is going to shatter his records. I think he’s right. However, I don’t think Rodgers will ever make a cool of a cameo as Favre did in There’s Something About Mary. I’m in town the play the Dolphins, ya dumb ass! (Pro Football Zone)

Annnnddddddddd our Lockdown Lady of the day is the lovely Florida cheerleader Tarin Moses. She is also the girlfriend of Florida QB Jeff Driskell. Come to daddy! I mean seriously, she’s the perfect mix of cute and hot. I want.



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